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This picture is taken from the S-2 office window in the 
Battalion Headquarters building.  Notice the bars on the window, you 
don’t know how many times I hit my head on them while looking out.  
That is when I found out what the steel helmet was for.





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Ah yes this is my rifle, not my gun, this is for fighting, 
this is, well I am sure you know the rest.  I had just finished cleaning 
my rifle, which seemed to be an everyday job when you were in the field.







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These are pictures of the Track Park. We are getting ready to convoy to the Bahnhauf where all of the tracks will 
be loaded on the train.  It is July and we were preparing to go to Hohenfels for about 36 days.  I am sure many remember what it was like driving those tracks down the length of the train, on those flat cars, with only a few 
inches to spare on each side.  I remember the M-60 tanks overlapped the sides of the cars a little.  No room for errors there.