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Association of 3d Armored Division Veterans

The 3d Armored Division

Born in 1941, the division earned through hard fighting significant “firsts of its kind” honors in Europe thus the name on the patch and the greeting of its members. The last combat action of the Division was during the 1991 Gulf War. Prior to that, the division sat astride the Fulda Gap in central Germany (FRG) for 40 years as a major deterrent to the massive Soviet and Warsaw Pact Armies arrayed against her. She was deactivated in 1992 at Drake Kaserne, Frankfurt, Germany. 

From 1941 until 1992, the men and women who wore this patch caused peace to happen wherever they went. This is their story…

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“Rolling Thunder: The True Story of The 3d Armored Division”

The History Channel has recently completed a project to highlight the great history of the 3d Armored Division. The resulting film has been broadcast several times on the History Channel and will likely continue to appear on their broadcast schedule. The film is stirring and should be viewed by everyone with an interest in this great Division. You may also purchase this production by going to the History Channel web site. The link below will take you directly to the purchase page.


Join the Association now…!

The Association of 3d Armored Division Veterans is looking for all individuals who served in the 3d Armored Division during its 51 years of service (1941-1992). Are you one of the great Spearhead soldiers? Well if you are we are looking for you. The A3ADV is all about keeping the history and the memories alive and well. But we cannot do this without your help, so take a moment and join the Association of 3d Armored Division Veterans and help keep the Greatest Armored Division in history alive.


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Memberships in the Association are available.  Please use this link to Join the Association.


“The Tanks Are Coming!”

The first movie about 3d Armored Division’s WWII exploits was produced in 1951 and starred Harry Bellaver, Philip Carey, Steve Cochran, and James Dobson.  The movie portrayed adventure and bravery under fire as a tank commander prepared and then led his tank in the great battles of the Division.   This is one of the all time classic war movies.  Recently rediscovered, VCR copies are available at Indications are that the movie is based somewhat on the incredible story of Staff Sergeant (later Chief Warrant Officer) Lafayette Pool, “The Texas Tanker”, which is contained in our World War II section.

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On 02/22/99 our WWII Webmaster had a surprise in his mailbox for you. Mr. Bob Hope responded to a request for him to stop by the World War II  section, look around and requested a signed photograph addressed to the 3d Armored Division for display on the Internet. He writes “To The 3d Armored Division, My Best Wishes. Bob Hope”.

Thank you Bob from all of us!


New Cold War Service Certificate

As a compromise between nothing and a new medal, Congress has authorized the issuance of a new Cold War Service Certificate.  If you served between September 1945 and January 1991 you are eligible.  Please use the link below to get more information on the Cold War Certificate.


This is a labor of love…odd to say that you think…not really.  To be a good leader you got to love soldiers and all that they do… and they do a lot.  Their families do also and they are an integral part of this saga as well.  You see, when the need is clear there is usually no lack of folks to step up and go do the fighting.  When it is not clear then perhaps not so many come forth to do “battle”…but those who do, are rewarded with associations, friendships, battle buddies, and school mates for life. 

After all, Elvis Presley picked this division to serve in…well, not really “picked”… but he did his duty and his picture was carried into the Gulf War by a not insignificant number of soldiers.  He was more than just the“King of Rock and Roll” to SPEARHEADERS…he was a Sergeant in the 3d Armored Division! 

To those who served in this grand fighting force during 51 years of selfless service, this is your new garrison.   Come in, send in your closing report, take care of your horse, clean your weapon, and get ready for the next time freedom calls.

To our friends who visit here – ” Welcome”.  Stay a while.  “Listen” a while.  Look around at what was done.  Leave a note if you’ve a mind to.  Let us know how we might do this better. 

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The “Cyber Kaserne” is organized around the three major eras of the division’s history:  World War II, the Cold War, and Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  Our intent is to have each unit down to the battalion or separate company/platoon level with its own web page.  There you will find rosters,  organizations, pictures, journals, etc. for that element.  We envision the entire Division and its supporting elements being linked together and then linked with the Corps and the rest of the Army and DoD.


“Spearheading With the Third Armored Division”

     This pamphlet was printed in 1945.  It contains the second major phase of 3d Armored Division’s battles.  The owner is now transcribing it to his site.  Your Association will be posting copies of this and the “Call Me Spearhead”  pamphlet in the World War II section.