148th PAD (IDARNG)

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148th Public Affairs Detachment (PAD)
“Motto unknown”
(Idaho Army National Guard)

Very little is known of this unit other than it supported 3d Armored Division during portions of Desert Storm, and that its veterans do wear the 3d Armored Division patch as their combat patch.  The unit was part of the Idaho Army National Guard.  We very much need help in filling in the many, many blanks we have on this unit’s participation in Desert Storm.  If you can add or correct any information on this roster,  gale.messier@gmail.com

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Wortham, Kim CPT  
PAO Gollaher, Michael CPT  
PAO Seaman, Gail SFC  
PAO Simmons Mark 2LT  
PAO Thueson, Gail SSG  
PAO Lundberg, Merrill SSG  
PAO Wunderlich, Tony SGT  
PAO Morrison, Edgar SPC  
PAO Parker, Don SPC  
PAO Movius, Andrew SPC  
PAO Hill, Tobin SPC