Young M. Dillon


Sergeant Young M. Dillon

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Picture was sent to Steven Kuhn from Dillons Ex-Girlfriend who still lives in Hanau

You are missed

I will try and recall the events of that evening as best I can. I met SGT Dillon at chow one night in our hide position at HQ 4-8 Cav. I was the Battalion CSM's driver, my name is Steven Kuhn. We got along right away, Dillon was a good guy with a big heart, we spoke often of what we were looking forward to upon our return to "the world" I grew to look forward to our "dinner meetings" at HQ.

I remember hearing in the middle of the battle that one of our F.O.'s got hit, I had the feeling I knew it was Dillon, CSM Eckert and I proceeded to the location of SGT Dillon. As I arrived, I saw a medic frantically trying to revive him with CPR and the medic was crying out that he can't die, you can't die man! I stood there helpless as I watched my friend die, I will never forget that moment and never will I forget SGT Young M. Dillon.

Rest in Peace, my friend.

Steven E. Kuhn