Other Links

3ad.com - this site was put together by Vic Damon.  The 3rd Armor Division History Foundation. An online archive of the U.S. Army's famous "Spearhead" Division of WW II, Cold War, and Gulf War I - Desert Storm.

VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association – an association created for VII Corps veterans of Desert Storm.  This is currently a fairly static site, but we have hopes for it in the future as the Association grows.  3d Armored Division served under VII Corps in Desert Storm.

143d Signal Battalion – “Voice of Iron” – this site was put together by Dan Ortiz, a Desert Storm veteran of the 143d Signal Battalion.

The Tanker – Homepage dedicated to the armored crewman of the U.S. Army.  In particular, this site focuses on the use of the M-60 series tanks.  The site is authored by Russ Rodgers, a veteran of 2d Battalion, 32d Armor 

USAREUR Website – official military site for the U.S. Army in Europe and the 7th Army. 

2d Armored Division “Hell On Wheels” – A site put together by Howard Swonger, a World War II veteran of the 82d Reconnaissance Battalion of 2AD.  This is a great site with personal accounts and information on 2AD veterans, general veterans’ information, and many, many links to other useful sites.

United States Cavalry & Armor Association –  The United States Cavalry & Armor Association grew out of the United States Cavalry Association, established by a small group of cavalry officers in 1885 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  The Armor Association’s charter is: to preserve and foster the spirit, the traditions, and the solidarity of Cavalry and Armor in the United States

Patton’s Troubleshooters – The history of the 702d Tank Battalion Red Devils, and the 80th Infantry Division Blue Ridger’s, and other attatched units. (This link no longer is working (www.thetroubleshooters.com).  It appears the site has been abandoned).