503d Repl Co

503d Replacement Company

Unit Roster

This is a roster of all people who have left their e-mail address on this website for friends to find them. 

503d Replacement Co

Company Commanders

Name Position From  To E-Mail
Nemish, Charles CPT Company Commander 1955    

Company’s First Sergeant

Names Position From To E-Mail
Harriman, Duane V. MSG First Sergeant 1955    







Ayers, david E. SP3   1955    
Blankenship, William MSG   1955    
BEnnett, Calvin C SFC   1955    
Bustle, Wallace C.  WO/JO Supply Officer 1955    
Donohue, Walter J. SFC   1955    
Ememan, Howard W SP3   1955    
Famum, Standish D. MSG   1955    
Ferris, Robert E.  CWO Personnel Officer 1955    
Fix, Charles K. SFC   1955    
Jenes, Walter SP3   1955    
Johnson, Glenn R.1LT Company Officer 1955    
Kerr, Douglas SGT   1955    
Madden, F. J.  CPT   1955    
Massen,  CPL   1955    
McKevitt, L. R. 1LT XO 1955    
Mullins, Donald MSG   1955    
Murphy, Blair       blairmurphy18@gmail.com
Oritz, SP2   1955    
Perry, James SP3   1955    
Porterfied, Marvin H. PFC   1955    
Prier, MSG   1955    
Quglley, Robert PVT   1955    
Sella, Robert E. SGT   1955    
Shank, Paul M SP3   1955    
Sheaffer, Frank SFC   1955    
Smith, Dale H. SGT   1955    
Sprigga, Leland SFC   1955    
Stafford, Gerald SP3   1955    
Sworn, Willie F. SP2   1955    
Tollelson, Harry L PVT   1955    
Torries, Negeon Herrmule SFC   1955    
Watkins, Richard L. SGT   1955    
Webb, Robert   1955    
Whitmer, George C. SFC   1955    
Wimberly, James SP2   1955    
Woflord, L. JR SGT   1955