HHC, 1st Brigade

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Headquarters and Headquarters Company
1st Brigade, 3d Armored Division
“Ready First”
(Ayers Kaserne, Kirchgöns, Germany)


Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade, 3d Armored Division deployed to Southwest Asia from Ayers Kaserne at Kirchgöns, Germany on or about 10 January 1991. The brigade’s advance party departed from Rhein Main Airbase on 18 December 1990 on board a Sun Country Airlines charter flight, and arrived at King Fahd Airfield on the morning of 19 December 1990. After the ground offensive, HHC relocated to the Safwan, Iraq area for border duty. HHC remained there until early May 1991, when it moved to Camp Doha (“Thunder Rock”) north of Kuwait City. At this time, HHC became the headquarters element for the newly combined 1st Brigade. The brigade was now made up of elements of both the former 1st and 3d Brigades. HHC remained at Camp Doha the second week of June 1991, when it redeployed to Germany.

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Brigade Commander Nash, William L. COL Ready 6; retired as MG
Brigade Executive Officer Hébert, Stephen J. LTC on BDE advance party; G3 of CMTC at Hohenfels as of NOV 2003.
Command Sergeant Major Davis, James H. CSM  
BDE CDR’s M1A1 (HQ68) Brown, Dale M. SFC BDE Master Gunner, TAC NCOIC, retired as 1SG; note that HQ68 came from deployed “replacements” from 2-32 Armor.  This vehicle was originally D-66 from 2-32 Armor.
BDE CDR’s M1A1 (HQ68) Antley, SGT  
BDE CDR’s M1A1 (HQ68) Yahnke, Dale SPC Also RTO in S3 shop
BDE CDR’s M1A1 (HQ68) Villa, SPC  
BDE CDR’s HMMWV Driver Crane, Steven A.  
BDE CDR’s M113A3 TC/RTO (HQ66)    
BDE CDR’s M113A3 Driver (HQ66) Heap, Tracy SGT Heap was a Scout from 2-32 AR assigned to the BN shortly before deployment
BDE XO’s HMMWV Driver Dempsey, Dan SPC name/position not confirmed
BDE CSM’s HMMWV Driver    
S1 – Adjutant McKindra, Alex B. MAJ  
S1 NCOIC    
S2 – Intelligence Officer Stewart, Scott C. CPT  
Asst. S2 Mack, Sharon CPT  
Asst. S2 BICC Slade, Collier 1LT  
S2 NCOIC (which one held the position?) Hamer, Gary SFC GS civilian at 7th ATC, Grafenwöhr as of JAN 2003
S2 Section Francis, Daniel SFC Probably an augmentee/filler.
Assist. S2 NCOIC Rogers, Kenneth L. SFC 10 DEC 90 to 30 JUL 91
S2 M577 Driver Duenez, Xavier SPC This name/position not confirmed
S3 – Operations Officer Clark, Robert L. IV MAJ(P) Commanded Camp Doha, Kuwait, 1999-2000 as COL
Assist. S3 Aiello, James CPT Co-authored the RFCT Desert Storm History with MAJ K. Weber (position unknown); later served as DOL for Camp Doha, Kuwait (1999-2000) 
Assist. S3 Weber, Karl CPT Co-authored the RFCT Desert Storm History with CPT J. Aeillo
S3 NCOIC Teats, SGM  
TAC OIC Phillips, William CPT In 2013 was a LTC reservist serving with the JFHQ-NCR at Ft McNair, Washington, DC
S4 NCO (position?) Drew, Allen SSG MSG at CMTC Hohenfels as of NOV 2003
Liaison Officer (LNO) to Division Lewis, Tom CPT In 2010 was a Colonel, serving as G1 with ACofS, 75th Division (Battle Command Training)
Liaison Officer (LNO) Hill, Mike 1LT Also worked in the TOC as a night time battle captain, and was advance party to both redeployment areas.  ETS’d in 1992 as a 1LT.
LNO Driver Hampton, Scott SPC  
Air Liason Officer (ALO) / Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Leader Butcher, Scott A. CAPT, USAF Served in the TOC
ALO/TACP Johnson, Brent A. CAPT, USAF Directed CAS from M113 colocated with BDE CDR at TAC
BDE ALO Section Connolly, Sean AIC Worked w/ CAPT Johnson in the TAC
BDE ALO NCOIC Hauser, Karl SSgt, USAF Served in the TOC w/ CAPT Butcher
S4 – Logistics Officer Thomas, Terrence “Terry” N. MAJ  
Assist. S4 Kime, Joseph G. III, CPT On BDE advance party; killed 13 MAR 91 when his HMMWV hit a mine.  From North Carolina?  Was a former enlisted Marine
Assist. S4 Lynch, Craig CPT  
Assist. S4 (Maintenance) Thomas, Steve CPT On port advance party
S4 Transportation NCO Earle, SFC Wounded 13 MAR 91 in the same incident that killed Joe Kime.
HMMWV Driver (S4) Bryant, Tom SGT  
HMMWV Driver (S4 Section) Parrish, SPC  
M577 Driver (S4 Section) Carpenter, SPC  
BDE Signal Officer Janis, MAJ  
BDE Signal NCOIC Green, MSG  
BDE Wire Team NCOIC Chee, SGT  
BDE Radio Team NCOIC Davis, Tommy SGT  
BDE Radio Team personnel Gabel, David SPC Currently (2006) a MSG stationed at Ft. Jackson, SC
BDE Transportation Officer    
BDE Trans. NCOIC    
Trans. NCO ????, SFC Wounded by the same mine that killed CPT J. Kime
Maint. NCOIC Norris, SFC  
Maint. NCO Spencer, Joseph F. SFC Retired from active duty in 1992
Maint. NCO    
Ammo NCO Johnson, Leroy SSG  
Food Service NCO    
S1 M577 Driver    
S2 M577 Driver    
S3 M577 Driver    
BDE Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) Davis, “Jeff” MAJ  
BDE Chaplain Robinson, Nathaniel C. CHAP (MAJ)  Denomination: BGC
BDE Chaplain’s Assistant Jardin, Isidor SGT  

 HHC Personnel

HHC Commander Crews, Fletcher A. CPT  
HHC CDR’s HMMWV Driver Marks, Randall SPC  
HHC XO Mandes, Steve 1LT  Retired as LTC
HHC XO’s HMMWV Driver Dempsey, SPC  
HHC First Sergeant Keehu, 1SG  
1SG’s HMMWV Driver    
Supply Sergeant Mathews, SFC  
Supply Specialist/Armorer Clair, Jack D.T. SPC (?)  
“Field First Sergeant” Cox, MSG BDE EEO NCO prior to deployment
 Unknown  Albina, Adam 1LT (P)  Assigned to the BN from 2-32 AR shortly before deployment.  ETS’d in 2000 at rank of Major