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2d Battalion, 29th Field Artillery
"Fidelis et Verus"
("Faithful and True")
(Baumholder, Germany)

The 2d Battalion, 29th Field Artillery (Pathfinders) was originally one of the three organic Direct Support (DS) Field Artillery Battlations of 8th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Division Artillery (DIVARTY). During Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the battalion joined the 42d Field Artillery Brigade of VII Corps Artillery as General Support (GS) Field Artillery Battalion. Because of this GS organization, the battalion's organic fire support element (FSE) did NOT deploy. (The FSE is organic to DS Field Artillery battalions, but not needed for a battalion routinely in the GS role.) 2-29 FA battalion deployed to Southwest Asia on or about 2 January 1991 from Baumholder, Germany. During the ground offensive, 2-29 FA supported 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Armored Division, 1st Infantry Division, and the 3d Armored Division. The Pathfinder's role with the Third Armored Division was as a Reinforcing (R) battalion to the 2d Battalion, 3d Field Artillery in Direct Support of the Ready First Combat Team.

2-29 FA remained in theater until 4 May 1991 (the return date of 20 July 1991 on the DA General Orders for the Valorous Unit Award is most likely incorrect). Upon reployment to Germany, 2-29 FA rejoined the 8 ID DIVARTY. Soon after that, elements of the 3d Armored Division and 8th Infantry Division combined to form the "new" 1st Armored Division (reflagged 8 ID headquarters). 2-29 FA served for approximately two years as a direct support FA battalion in 1st Armored Division DIVARTY. The 2-29 FA was transferred to Ft. Lewis, Washington in 1994, and was reflagged as 1-37 FA on 16 April 1995.

Most of the section-level leadership positions and above are filled in the roster, but very few of the E1 to E5 positions/names have been identified. I have a complete roster of the battalion, but do not have linked positions. I will eventually publish this list in alphabetical order so others can identify positions/batteries. Any input would be greatly appreciated. If you can add or correct any information, see the bottom of the page for contact information. Many of the names we currently have came from the 2d Battalion, 29th Field Artillery Desert Storm Combat Historical Summary.

Specific information requests of the 2-29 FA veterans out there:

1. Any names/positions you can send me.

2. Any photos (*.jpg preferrably) and/or e-mail addresses you can send me to link to names in the rosters.


Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB)

Brigade FSE – The Fire Support Element remained in Germany because this battalion served as GS battalion.

A Battery

B Battery

C Battery

Service Battery

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