703d Tank Destroyer Battalion

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703d Tank Destroyer Battalion in WWII

Constituted 3 December 1941 in the Regular Army as the 703d Tank Destroyer Battalion Activated 15 December 1941 at Camp Polk, Louisiana Inactivated 3 January 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Withdrawn 15 April 1947 from the Regular Army, redesignated 809th Tank Battalion and allotted to the Organized Reserves Activated 28 April 1947 with Headquarters at Grand Rapids, Michigan (Organized Reserves redesignated 25 March 1948 as the Organized Reserve Corps Reorganized and redesignated 22 March 1949 as the 809th Heavy Tank Battalion Assigned 25 November 1949 to the 21st Armored Division Redesignated 5 June 1950 as the 809th Tank Battalion Relieved 1 March 1952 from the 21st Armored Division, redesignated 703d Tank Battalion, and assigned to the 70th Infantry Division; concurrently location of the Headquarters changed to Pontiac, Michigan (Organized Reserve Corps redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve) Disbanded 1 May 1959 at Pontiac


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