7th Medium Tank Battalion


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If you are a veteran of the 3rd Armored Division 7th Tank Battalion this is your site. If you wish to contribute to the site leave a message and E-Mail address in the members guest book and the author will contact you.   

History of the 7th Tank:

13 January 1941:  Constituted in the Regular Army as 2d Battalion, 2d Armored Regiment (Light) and assigned to the 3d Armored Division.

15 April 1941: Activated at Camp Beau regard, Louisiana. 

8 May 1941:  Designated as 2d Battalion, 32d Armored Regiment.

10 November 1945:  Inactivated  in Germany

15 July 1947:  Various elements, together with elements of 3d Battalion, 33d Armored Regiment consolidated and Designated as the 7th Tank Battalion,  and assigned to the 3rd Armored Division at Ft. Knox Kentucky.

30 July 1948 :  Designated as the 7th Medium Tank Battalion

15 March 1955:  Designated  as the 7th Tank Battalion ( pre cursor to Operation Gyroscope)

1 October 1957:  Relieved from the 3d Armored Division and inactivated in Germany, with all personnel and equipment being transferred to the 2d Medium Tank Battalion, 1st Cavalry, 

1 October 1957:  33d and 62d Tank Battalions; *Headquarters and Service Company and Companies B and C, 7th Tank Battalion; and Maintenance Company, 33d Armored Regiment, consolidated and unit reorganized and designated as the 33d Armor, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System.

1 December 1957:  Consolidated with the 32d Armor, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System