23d Engineer Battalion

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(“We will Serve Again”)

(Hessen Homburg Kaserne, Hanau, Germany)

The 23d Engineer Battalion deployed to Southwest Asia from Hanau, Germany. The main body of the battalion arrived in Saudi Arabia on or about 22 December 1990, and remained until on or about 12 June 1991. The bridge company, E Company, redeployed earlier.  This battalion was organic to the 3d Armored Division as the original division engineer battalion, and deployed as one of two battalions that made up the Division Engineer Brigade (the other being the 12th Engineer Battalion from Dexheim).

The 23d Engineer Battalion (minus detachments – see below) supported the 2d Brigade during the Desert Storm ground offensive.  During combat operations, the 23d Engineer Battalion was task organized as follows:

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2D BDE               1ST BDE                      AVN BDE

23 EN (-)            TF 3-5 CAV                    4-7 CAV

B/23 EN             C/23 EN (-)


  • 23d Engineer Battalion (-) (DS to 2d Brigade)
  • B/23d Engineer Battalion (DS to 3-5 CAV, 1st BDE)
  • C/23d (-) Engineer Battalion (Attached to 4-7 CAV)
  • TF STIEN, heavy equipment (GS to Division)
  • E/23d Engineer Battalion left their bays and boats at Dahrain and used pallets on their transporters to haul supplies for the DISCOM.

For the most part, the roster below for the 23d Engineer Battalion is empty. Any input would be greatly appreciated. If you can add or correct any information, please contact the DIVENG content point-of-contact at the bottom of this page.

In summary, information we need:

  • Any roster names filled in below
  • Photos and e-mail addresses for as many 23d Engineer soldiers as possible

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Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

A Company

B Company

C Company

D Company

E Company

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