4th Battalion, 67th Armor

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4th Battalion, 67th Armor
(Ray Barracks, Friedberg, Germany)

The 4th Battalion, 67th Armor, organic to the 3d Brigade, 3d Armored Division, deployed from Ray Barracks at Friedberg, Germany.  The main body of the battalion arrived in Saudi Arabia on or about 6 January 1991, and remained in theater until on or about 19 June 1991. After ground combat operations, 4-67 Armor was deployed along the southern Iraqi border to conduct border security operations.  In early May 1991, the battalion was transferred to 1st Brigade, and moved to the Doha warehouse complex (“Camp Doha” or “Camp Thunder Rock”) just west of Kuwait City as part of the first U.S. peacetime garrison in Kuwait.  The battalion remained there until 1st Brigade was relieved by the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment from Germany in June 1991.  Upon returning to Germany, the battalion became part of the newly constituted 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division.  Sometime around 1996, the battalion was reflagged to 1-37 Armor, and is still serving with 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division at Ray Barracks (as of 2001).  Please take a look at this roster and see if you can make any additions or corrections.  If you have input for the roster, a personal history or Desert Storm pictures, please send an e-mail.

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