Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

 Position Name Remarks
Battalion Commander (HQ66) Reischl, Timothy J. LTC Awarded Silver Star.
BN CDR’s Gunner (HQ66) Mills, John M. SGT
BN CDR’s Driver (HQ66)    
BN CDR’s Loader (HQ66) Parlow, Loren SPC  
BN CDR’s HMMWV Driver (HQ6) Gatz, Chris SGT  
Battalion Executive Officer Byers, Mike MAJ
BN XO’s HMMWV Driver    
Command Sergeant Major Bellrose, Robert CSM  
CSM’s HMMWV Driver    
S1 – Adjutant Zahay, Thomas CPT


Topp, Raymond F. 1LT

CPT Zahay returned to Germany soon after the ground war, replaced by 1LT Topp. (Photo is of CPT Zahay).
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief)    
S1 Section Eisenbarth, Darrin SSG
S1 Section Hebert, SSG 11C assigned to S1
S1 Section    
S1 Section    
S2 – Intelligence Officer Cunningham, Jeff CPT
S2 – Asst. S2 Olinger, Darrin 2LT  
S2 NCOIC Machak, Mike  SFC  
S2 Section Intel Analyst  Dreisbach, John SGT  
S2 Section Asst Intel Analyst Lopez, PFC Driver of S-2 M-577
S2 Section    
S3 – Operations Officer (HQ63) Kerr, Rick MAJ 
S3’s Gunner (HQ63)    
S3’s Driver (HQ63)    
S3’s Loader (HQ63)    
S3’s HMMWV Driver (HQ3) Blackwell, SPC  
Assist. S3 Brunstein, Nick CPT  
Assist. S3 (LNO) Stack, William 2LT  
S3 NCOIC Hoffman, Randy SFC  
Asst. S3 NCOIC Dearing, Steve SFC TC Jump TOC
Asst. S3 NCOIC Nolan, SFC  Night TOC NCOIC
S3 Section


Driver HQ-32

Elder, Paul SPC Night NCOIC Radio Operator
S3 Section


Bn Master Gunner

Waymire, Kenneth M.



S3 Section PaoPao, SPC Driver Jump TOC  M-577
Air Defense Officer Tynch, John L. III 2LT “Jack” Vulcans and Stingers under armor
Air Liaison Officer    
Air Liaison Assistant Kadilak, Jason SPC Was on the advance party.  Transferred from D Co. prior to deployment.  Owns a contracting business near Ft. Bragg, NC.
BN Liaison Officer (LNO) McClellan, Gregg 1LT  
S4 – Logistics Officer O’Grady, Bob CPT  
S4 NCOIC    
S4 Section Coutain, Rudy 1LT Asst. S4
S4 Section Figueroa, SSG  
S4 Section HQ 40 Newby, Edward  Retired (SSG) from Ft. Hood, TX after 20 yrs. on active duty.
S4 Section HQ 40 Fallen, Santiago PFC  
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Gibson, Steven CPT  
BN Signal NCOIC    
BN Chemical Officer Hartmann, Eric 1LT  
BN Chemical NCOIC Nolan, SFC Also served as night TOC NCOIC
Chaplain Sones, Richard CPT Currently (2008) a LTC in FORSCOM, USAR
Chaplain Asst. Cao, Chen SGT