USAR/NG in Desert Storm

U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard Support of 3AD Combat Operations

In addition to the organic and attached Active Component units that made up the 3d Armored Division in combat, there were also Reserve Component units mobilized and attached to the division throughout the division’s deployment in the Persian Gulf.  As time passes, we will work hard to tell their story.  In the meantime, we are putting a list here of those Reserve Component units.  Please feel free to contact us if you see a unit missing from the list.  Details on these units and rosters for these units can be found on the “Division Troops” section of this website (see link to the left).

  • 148th Public Affairs Detachment (PAD) – Idaho Army National Guard – mobilized 7 December 1990
  • 115th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH), District of Columbia Army National Guard – approximately 12 soldiers (attached to the 345th  Combat Support Hospital, FLARNG, see below)
  • 159th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) – Louisiana Army National Guard with elements of the Ohio Army National Guard
  • 221st Ordnance Detachment (EOD) – Florida National Guard
  • 302d Rear Area Operations Center (RAOC) – Army Reserve, 7th ARCOM, Germany
  • 345th Combat Support Hospital, Florida Army National Guard (with elements from 115th MASH, DCARNG, see above)