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Annual Dues: $40 every January.

Lifetime Memberships:  through age 49    $500
                                      age 50-55            $450
                                      age 56-60            $375
                                      age 61-65            $300
                                      age 66-70            $225
                                      age 71 and up      $150

Full membership is limited to actual veterans of 3AD and combat-attached units (e.g., in Desert Storm, 4-34 Armor, 5-3 ADA, 12th Engineers, and 2-29 FA, although not part of the peacetime division, served with 3d Armored Division in combat).  If you would like to join the Association but you did not serve with the 3AD, you may join as an Associate member (the same dues structure applies). 

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