22d Chemical Company

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22d Chemical Company
(“Double Deuce”)

(Drake Kaserne, Frankfurt, Germany)

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22d Chemical Company Roster  


Position Name & Rank Remarks
Company Commander Lawrence, Steven CPT  
XO Pacella, Mark 1LT  
1SG Easely, Robert 1SG  
Operations Officer Eagle, Berth 2LT  

1st Platoon (Decon)

1st PLT SGT Melendez-Cruz, William  

 2nd Platoon ( Recon)

2nd PLT LDR Amos, Antonio 1LT  
2nd PLT PSG Del Signore, Michael SSG  
2nd PLT  SQD LDR Woolride,Ricky SSG  
2nd PLT  SQD LDR Tircuit, Alonzo SSG  
2nd PLT SQD LDR Johnson, Lloyd SSG  
2nd PLT Bray, Jacqueline SSG  
2nd PLT Thomas, Lisa SSG  
2nd PLT Alvarez, Louis SGT  
2nd PLT Greene, Eric SGT  
2nd PLT Traylor, Sonya SGT  
2nd PLT Burns, Curtis SPC  
2nd PLT VanSteenburg, William  
2nd PLT  Fleming, Virgil  SPC  
2nd PLT Hannah, William SPC  
2nd PLT  Hernandez, Javier SPC  
2nd PLT Ketterman, Danny SPC  
2nd PLT Logan, Victor SPC  
2nd PLT Lopaz, Abalina SPC  
2nd PLT Miller, Jeffery SPC  
2nd PLT Pearl, Jesse SPC  
2nd PLT Peebles, John SPC  
2nd PLT Burrell, Leroy PFC  
2nd PLT McNabb, Jon PFC  
2nd PLT Walton, Robert PFC  
Position Unknown Dill, Cary SPC  

 3rd Platoon ( Recon)

3PLT ( Decon) Anderson, Dawn 1LT  
  Anderson, Richard SPC  
3rd PLT Decon Salcedo, Arthuro E.  
  Bellacruz, Yunior SP4  
Smoke platoon was attached to the 1st BDE, Who attached the unit to TF-4-34 on the Brigade’s ( and division) right ( east) Flank.After the ground was, the platoon returned to the 1st BDE area and ran supply point that feed up to 11,000 refugees around Safwan, Iraq
4th Platoon ( Decon) was disbanded in Germany. The equipment and soldiers assigned to remaining platoon

 5Th Platoon ( Smoke)

Platoon Leader CML 506 Foster, Daniel 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant CML 514 Boisjulie, James SFC  
Squard Leader CML 511 Stephenson, John SSG  
CML 512 Henderson, John SGT  
CML 513 Lee, Anthony SGT  
CML 511 Kincade, Rodney SPC  
CML 511 Matthews, Robert SPC  
CML 513 Richardson,Corey SPC  
CML 506 Fleckenstein, John SPC  
CML 513 Hanna, (Unknown)  SGT  
CML 512 Valentine, Virgil PFC  
Squard Leader CML 521 White, Daniel SSG  
CML 522 Nard, Thomas SGT  
CML 523 Levine, Adam SGT  
CML 522 Acevedo, Luis SPC  
CML 521 Estell,( Unknown) SPC  
CML 523 Hislop ( Unknown) SPC  
CML 522 Lynch, Robert SPC  
CML 514 Burlington, Mark SPC  
Position Unknown Waite, Tim  
CML 523 Williams, Joseph  SPC  

6th Platoon ( Recon)

6th PLT (Recon)  Kraehenbuehl, David 1LT  
Recon Wages, Robert  
 Recon  Mejia, Daniel SPC  

Headquater Platoon

HQ Motor Pool Gaspard,  PFC  
  Hill, Robert  
Acting Supply SGT Leroy Richard SFC  
  Ocha, Robert Joseph  
Personnel Manager Burks, Jonathan CPL  

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