302d RAOC (USAR)

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302d Rear Area Operation Center (RAOC)
“Motto unknown”
(7th ARCOM – Germany – U.S. Army Reserve)

Very little is known of the 302d RAOC (sometimes referred to as “302d RTOC”) other than it supported 3d Armored Division during portions of Desert Storm, and that its veterans do wear the 3d Armored Division patch as their combat patch.  The unit was part of the 7th ARCOM, and deployed from its home station in Germany.  It arrived in Saudi Arabia on or about 6 January 1991.  It moved with 3d Armored Division, crossing into southern Iraq on 25 February 1991, and remained in Iraq until about 18 March.  It then moved into Kuwait with 3d Armored Division, remaining there from 18 March to 10 April.  On or about 10 April the 302d RAOC moved into Saudi Arabia, and redeployed to Germany on or about 18 May 1991.  The unit was subsequently reflagged as the 309th RAOC in September 1992, and as of 2001 was still serving as an Army Reserve unit in Germany.

First, let me say that I am pleased to see that the 302nd RAOC was not left off of the Division’s history.  I would like to add a few things to your account of our service to the Division.  While you are correct that we were technically part of the 7th ARCOM, we were permanently assigned to the 3rd Armored.  Our unit served the Division in all of its operations prior to the deactivation of the Division.  We were located in Frankfurt along with the Division headquarter and received pretty much all of our support from HHC 3AD.  I am not sure how long before January of 1990 the unit served the Division but I know it was a considerable amount of time.  

The mission of the 302nd RAOC was primarily the conduct of combat and base defense operations in the Division rear area as it moved through the battle field.  As you may surmise from some of the position titles, many of our teams provided advice and guidance  on base defense to units quartered in the Division rear area and we also coordinated combat operations in that area.  This arrangement freed up the Division Main and TAC to focus on the battle forward.  In a rear-area combat situation, we would coordinate the operations of Military Police elements, quick reaction forces, aviation assets and any reserve combat forces in the area at the time.  During the conduct of the Gulf War, we also served as a temporary command center while the other two CP’s were on the move across the battle field.  At one point during the Ground War, we were actually further forward in the battle field than the other two CP’s.  Following the cease fire, our base defense teams also provided convoy security for logistic supply trains moving forward to the combat brigades.  

Lastly, while I am not sure if this was ever published as our official motto, we always considered it to be “Spearhead In The Rear.”  This was in reference to our role as the focal point of combat operations in the Division rear area.  

BTW – I know that MAJ Grumberg (now COL Grumberg) is an Army Civilian serving at the Pentagon.  You can look him up via the AKO white pages.  He would be able to tell you much more about the unit than I can.

This unit is unique in that it was manned by service members who predominantly were Army Reservists living in Europe at the time of deployment.  Some were employees of private firms.  Many more were civilian employees of U.S. Government organizations with European operations.    We very much need help in filling in the many, many blanks we have on this unit’s participation in Desert Storm.  If you can add or correct any information on this roster,gale.messier@gmail.com.

302d RAOC Roster


Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Mulligan, Robert J. LTC  
Executive Officer    
Base Defense Team Branham, Marvin E. Major  
Opns Officer Briceland, Michael  J.  Major  
Base Defense Team Edwards, Phillip   Major  
Fire Support Grumberg, Paul A.  Major  
Base Defense Team Mente, Robert A.  Major  
Base Defense Team Mireles, Jr David  Major  
Engineer Scott, Deloria  CPT  
Engineer SWartz, Karl  CPT  
Engineer Vidinha, Lawrence V.  Major  
Base Defense Team Carr, Dwight C.  CPT  
Base Defense Team Cooney, Robert L.  CPT  
Base Defense Team DeBolle, Victor C.  
Base Defense Team Durden Jr, John L.  CPT  
Base Defense Team Rojas, Ralph  CPT  
S-1 Gans, Ronald S. 1LT  
S-2 Evans, David CPT  
S-2 Hagan, Gregory  CPT  
S-2 Hartwell, Samuel  CPT  
S-3 Johnson, Roger Major  
S4 Spivey, Reggie  CPT  
Chemical Officer Peters, Kelly  
1SG Barry, June  
HQ DREAR Swartz,  Karl  
Opns Officer  Ossorio Karen P. 1LT  
Opns NCO Stocking Lonnie MSG  
Opns NCO Bryant, Randy L SFC  
Opns NCO Mackall, Bruce L. SFC  
Base Defense Team Chaney, Jacques W. SSG  
Admin Dailey, Grady  SSG  
Base Defense Team Laws, James SSG  
Base Defense Team Odom, Donald  SSG  
Base Defense Team Smith, Lawrence L.  SSG  
Base Defense Team Baltzley, Kevin E.  SGT  
Base Defense Team Collins, Curtis L.   SGT  
Base Defense Team Jenkins, Kim Y.  SGT  
S-2 Johnson, Donna  SGT  
Mess Patton, Jacquelyn W.  SGT  
Opns Ryan, Robert E.  SGT  
Admin Ramos, Armando  CPL  
Admin Brainard, Fredrick L.  SPC  
TOC Branham, Marvin G.  SPC  
Base Defense Team Miller Stephen T.  SPC  
TOC Reyes, Ernesto O.  SPC  
  Sanders, Victor  
Base Defense Team Tucker, John P. SPC  
Base Defense Team Walker, James  
Base Defense Team Alger, Ronald J. PFC  
Base Defense Team Davis, Schanen L. PFC  
Base Defense Team Fouse, Richard J. PFC  
Base Defense Team Milbauer, Timothy R. PFC  
Mess Puente, Carlos PVT  
Mess Rogers, Marvin  PVT  
  Branham, Guy