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Coleman Kaserne – Gelnhausen, Germany

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2d Brigade, 3d Armored Division deployed to Southwest Asia from Coleman Kaserne at Gelnhausen, Germany on or about 28 December 1990. HHC remained there until on or about 11 May 1991, when it redeployed to Germany and subsequently inactivated. If you have any input for this page, please send an email to president@3ad.org.

HHC, 2d Brigade, 3d Armored Division

Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Brigade Commander Higgins, Robert W. COL  
Brigade Executive Officer Hambridge, Robert W. LTC  
Command Sergeant Major De Rosa, Charles B. CSM

  Later became the last Division CSM.

BDE CDR's M1A1 (HQ__)    
BDE CDR's M1A1 (HQ__)    
BDE CDR's M1A1 (HQ__)    
BDE CDR's HMMWV Driver    
BDE CDR's M113A3 TC/RTO    
BDE CDR's M113A3 Driver    
BDE XO's HMMWV Driver    
BDE CSM's HMMWV Driver    
S1 – Adjutant Fletcher, Burl J. MAJ  
S1 NCOIC Kneppler,David  MSG  
S1 M577 Driver    
S1 personnel Guihan , Robert 1LT  
S1 personnel    
S1 personnel    
S2 – Intelligence Officer

Goggin, John P. MAJ

the rear detachment commander for Coleman Kaserne and 2d brigade 
S2 – Intelligence Officer McClean, Kevin CPT  
Asst. S2 (TOC) Klein, Walter CPT


Chester, Kemp 1LT

Asst. S2 BICC    
S2 NCOIC Maxwell, Mark E  MSG his nickname was "Top" – he was an old cav 1SG down in Manheim and gave up the diamond so that he could deploy
Assist. S2 NCOIC Komora, James  SGT Nickname "Rocky"
S2 M577 Driver Boller, Jeffrey SPC "The Bartman" 
S2 personnel Sanders, Christopher SPC  
S2 personnel    
S2 personnel    
S3 – Operations Officer Pilgrim, Kevin H. MAJ  
S3 – Driver Operations Officer  Chris, White PFC  
S3 – Brigade Turret Mechanic Vergott, James SGT  
Assist. S3 – LNO to Division Mainville, Rick MAJ  
Assist. S3 – TAC Zimmerman, Ralph CPT  
Assist. S3 – Plans/TOC Neblett, John CPT  
Assist. S3 – TOC OPNS Officer Sullivan, Don CPT  
Assist. S3 – Plans/TOC Klippstein, Daniel M. CPT  
Assist. S3 – LNO to 2ACR Meehan, William 1LT  
Assist. S3 – LNO to Division Guihan, Robert A. Jr. 1LT  
S3 NCOIC Hopkins,  Anthony MSG  
S3 (TOC) M577 Driver – HQ32 Westman, Bob Engineer track.  
S3 personnel


Driver HQ-34  2 1/2

Hopkins, Thomas "Skip" 
S3 personnel Pearc, James SGT "Sparkey" was TC on HQ 66 113
S3 personnel Wynn, Francis 1LT  
Liaison Officer (LNO) to Division Scott, Carrine SFC "Scotty"
Liaison Officer    
Air Liaison Officer (ALO) / Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Leader Kempf, Steve CPT


Brenmule, Paul CPT

ALO/TACP personnel Kendall, Tony SPC Driver TAC M2 Bradley
ALO/TACP personnel    
S4 – Logistics Officer Pilgrim, MAJ  
Assist. S4 Turski, Edward CPT  
Assist. S4 Lane, Claude CPT  
Assist. S4 Rehfeld, Dennis CPT  
S4 NCOIC    
HMMWV Driver (S4 Section) Shaddock, Brian J. PFC Currently living in Arkansas.
M577 Driver (S4 Section)    
BDE Fire Support Officer Mikalauskas, Tom MAJ  
BDE Fire Support Officer Lipscomb, Wayne MAJ  
BDE Engineer Yates, Doug MAJ  
BDE Engineer NCOIC Ray, Leslie SFC  
BDE Engineer Assistant NCOIC Westling , Donald, SGT  
BDE Signal Officer Beard, Gary CPT  
BDE Signal NCOIC Brotherton, Roy MSG   
BDE Wire Team NCOIC    
BDE Radio Team NCOIC    
BDE Radio Team personnel    
BDE Chemical Officer Simon, Dennis CPT  
BDE Assistant Chemical Officer Beard, Gary CPT  
BDE ADA Officer Logue, Larry CPT  
BDE AVN LNO Read, Barry CPT  
BDE Transportation Officer    
BDE Trans. NCOIC    
Trans. NCO    
Maint. NCOIC    
Maint. NCO Lathrop, Joseph SGT In charge of the BDE's recovery vehicle, an M578 VTR.
Maint. Mechanic Ramirez, Enrique SPC Driver for the BDE's recovery vehicle.
Ammo NCO    
CFE NCOIC Williams, Marvin SGM "Speedy" 
Food Service NCO    
BDE Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) Marruffo, Christine CPT  
BDE Chaplain Minch, Richard MAJ "Father"

 HHC Personnel

HHC Commander Brown, Bobby B. CPT  
HHC CDR's HMMWV Driver Voisard , Bryan S. SGT  
HHC XO    
HHC XO's HMMWV Driver    
HHC First Sergeant Allen, Joseph 1SGT   
1SG's HMMWV Driver    
Supply Sergeant    
Supply Specialist/Armorer    
Cook Cobillas, Tony Spc   
Position Unknown Deilkes, Dennis   
Commo Platoon Swenson, Phillip PFC   'Swede'  


ETS'd Sep. 2000  as a SSG from Ft. Hood, TX and currently lives outside of Houston, TX.

Commo Platoon Bolden, Henry SPC  
Commo Platoon Thibadeaux, Dexter SPC