61 MP Co

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61st Military Police Company

"Nickname Unknown"


Brief History

The 796th Military Police Battalion (see unit history) was deactivated in France in 1945. The Bn colors were then taken to Vienna on 14 April 1946. The entire Bn consisted of 1st Lt Frederick Ovanich, a Corps of Engineer Officer, and T/4 Gerard J Casey, an Air Force enlisted man. The Bn reported to Vienna Area Command. On 24 April 1946 the Bn absorbed all of the remaining men from the 505th and 524th MP Bns. Together they formed the HQ Co, A Co, B Co, C Co and D Co. Those of the 505th not transferred to the 796th left for Salzburg as the 505th MP Bn, which later was redesignated as the 572 MP (Company). I am not sure that the 572 is correct it will need a bit of research. In December 1946 the Bn strength as reported was 22 Officers and 484 EM, as reported by Col Noel Menard, Bn C.O.

I am sure you are aware that in 1953 the 796th MP Battalion was deactivated and the "lettered" companies were redesignated as follows:
Hq Co became 7690 Hq. Co (Vienna Command)
A Co became the 61st MP Company
B Co became 64th MP Company and
C Co became the 65th MP Company

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