USAR Support in Germany

U. S. Army Reserve and National Guard Units Serving in Germany on Security and Support Missions for 3d Armored Division Installations and Families

As 3d Armored Division units moved to the airheads to fly out, it became obvious that security of the empty kasernes, family housing areas, PXs, and commissaries were all extremely vulnerable to a myriad of threats.  This was especially true once the War actually started.  US Military personnel assigned to Europe had lived for two decades with terrorist threats and incidents so the concern was real.  Reserve and National Guard units were called to active duty and assigned support and security missions in the Division's area of responsibility back in Germany.

They came and they did their duty.  They did not get campaign ribbons.  Daily they mounted guard posts, walked patrols, and watched our families.  They did not get any headlines, nor did they march in any parades, but the families remember them to this day.

They are not known in the history of this war.  We intend to rectify that here.  Some came as units while others came and served as individual replacements.  We need to remember them and what they did for Spearhead families…it was truly selfless.

If you know of someone or some unit that conducted these missions please contact the webmasters (see the footer to this page).  If there is someone out there who can take the time to research the records or at least have the records researched we would appreciate it.   We must not allow this service to pass unnoticed.