Association of 3D Armored Division Veterans

Links to monuments and memorials around the world


This page allows our members and guests to follow a link and observe some of the monuments and memorials that have been constructed and dedicated to the veterans of the 3D Armored Division (or click the links in the left navigation pane).  By no means are we in belief that this represents all of the tributes to our division.  We encourage those that have knowledge of additional memorials to send the information to 

  1. World War II monument, Fort Knox, Kentucky
  2. 3D Armored Division monument, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
  3. MG Maurice Rose Tribute, Denver, Colorado
  4. All era 3D Armored Division monument, Ft. Benning, Georgia
  5. Liberation ‘Thanks’ memorial, Fleron, Belgium
  6. Order of Saint George, Fort Benning, Georgia
  7. Lamp Post and Plaque, Fort Benning, Georgia
  8. 3D Armored Division liberation monument, Dison, Belgium
  9. 3D Armored Division ‘Battle of the Bulge’ memorial, Houffalize, Belgium
  10. 3D Armored Division monument, Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania
  11. World War II monument, Maubeuge, Belgium
  12. 3D Armored Division Unit Tribute, Fort Belvior, Virginia
  13. 3D Armored Division memorial, Vielsalm, Belgium