503d FSB

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503d Support Battalion (Forward)

Lifeline to the Ready First Combat Team
(Ayers Kaserne, Kirch-Goens, Germany)

The 503d Support Battalion (Forward) "Lifeline to the Ready First", organic to 3d Armored Division Support Command (DISCOM), deployed with the Ready First Combat Team (RFCT) from Ayers Kaserne as the RFCT's direct support FSB. The main body of the battalion arrived in Saudi Arabia on 28 December, 1990, and remained until 25 May 1991. Upon returning to Germany, the battalion deactivated.  In 1995 the Quartermaster Regiment recognized the 503d FSB as a Distinguished Unit of the Quartermaster Regiment.  Click here for details!

Lifeline photo of the week
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SPC Purnell, PFC Jones, & SFC Whidbee
B/503  5/5 MST



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