A Company (Supply & Service)

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A Company, 503d Support Battalion (Forward)

Lifeline to the Ready First Combat Team

(Ayers Kaserne, Kirch-Göns, Germany)



 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander Krawiec, Paul CPT  
First Sergeant Jones, 1SG  
Supply Platoon Leader/XO Alicia J. Clemons, 2LT  
Supply Sergeant Davis, Trudy SSG  
Organizational Supply Specialist Hale, Heidi SPC  
Combat Signaler Ledford, F. PFC  
Graves Registration Sergeant Daniels, Phillip SSG  

Food Service Section

Food Service Sergeant Hooks, Jerry, SFC  
Food Service Sergeant McIntosh, Sonya, SSG  
First Cook Barnes-Bosworth, SSG  
Cook Hughes, Tammy SPC  
Cook Ashford, Kim SGT  
Cook Adams, Theresa, SPC  
Cook Weathersbee, SPC  

Motor Pool

Motor Sergeant Sheikh, Munwar, SFC  
PLL/TAMMS Clerk Powell, Anne SGT  
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Pack, Ray SGT  
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Urbi, David SGT  
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Anderson, Michael SGT  
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Boyles, George SPC  
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Tuttle, Wayne SGT  
Heavy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Gray, John SPC  
Heavy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Brown, Rudolf PFC  
Power Generation Equipment NCO Edie, Donald SSG  
QM & Chemical Equipment Specialist Forster, Steven SPC  
Mat Con/AC Specialist Allen, T. SPC  

Supply Section

Supply Section Chief Kelso, Michael SSG  
Material Storage & Handling Sergeant Hadorn, Gregory SGT  
Ration Distribution Sergeant Myers, Curt SGT  
Material Storage & Handling Specialist Ervin, Richard SGT  
Material Storage & Handling Specialist Hughes, Juta SPC  
Material Storage & Handling Specialist Bell, Cedrick SPC  
Subsistence Specialist Katzer, Lorraine SPC  
Subsistence Specialist Matau, Shane PFC  
Subsistence Specialist Bennett, Brian PVT Attached from Petroleum?
Subsistence Specialist Ray, Todd Attached from ??
Subsistence Specialist Toney, Louis SPC  
MHE Operator Ottersberg, Lesa SPC  
Ammunition Section
Ammunition Section Chief Martinez, Ralph SSG  
Ammunition Sergeant Young, Earl SGT  
Ammunition Specialist Taylor, James SPC  
Ammunition Specialist Watkins, Brenda SPC  
Ammunition Specialist Lyall, Derrick SPC Husband
Ammunition Specialist Lyall, Melisa SPC Wife
Ammunition Specialist Cromer, Ruphus SPC  
Ammunition Specialist White, Dara PFC  
Crane Operator Sergeant Burns, Wyma SGT  
Crane Operator Specialist Thomas, David PFC  
Crane Operator Specialist Schlosser, SPC  
Petroleum Section
Petroleum Section Chief Bouie, Morris SGT  
Petroleum Sergeant Bellamy, James SGT  
Petroleum Sergeant Delacruz, A. SGT  
Petroleum Sergeant Dennis, Gail SGT  
Petroleum Sergeant Adams, Gary SGT  
Petroleum Specialist Marvin, Richard SPC  
Petroleum Specialist Houston, Rene SPC  
Petroleum Specialist Delles, Linda SPC  
Petroleum Specialist Calis, M SPC  
Petroleum Specialist Durbin, Jeffrey SPC  
Petroleum Specialist Selbe, Ronald PVT  
Petroleum Specialist Thornton, J. SPC  
Petroleum Specialist Bennett, Brian PVT  
Petroleum Specialist Govens, Keith PFC  
Petroleum Specialist McDaniels, B. SPC  
Petroleum Specialist Camp, Timothy PVT  
Petroleum Specialist Kenny, Michael PFC  
Petroleum Specialist Moss, Anthony PFC  
Petroleum Specialist Sweet, Clifford PFC  


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