Battalion Headquarters and Staff (HHD)

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HHD, 503d Support Battalion (Forward)

Lifeline to the Ready First Combat Team
(Ayers Kaserne, Kirch-Göns, Germany)

Battalion Headquarters and Staff Photos

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Kennedy, John D. LTC Lifeline 6
Commander's Driver Brugge, William SPC Lifeline 6D
Battalion XO Kennedy, Gordon T. MAJ  
Battalion XO Driver Wilcox, Jennifer SPC  
Command Sergeant Major Herman, Bennie CSM  
CSM Driver Addison, Billy SPC  
Support Operations Officer Koziol, Brian CPT  
Support Operations Martucci, Pete CPT  
Support Operations Walters 1LT  
Support Ops Medical NCO Thompson, SFC  
Support Ops Maint NCO ? SFC  
S1 Adjutant Riess, Theresa CPT HHD Commander
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief) Ramos, SFC  
S2/S3 Operations Officer Pribble, Lon L. CPT Lifeline 3
S2/S3 Driver Baily SPC "Beetle" Best Barber!
S3 NCOIC Goodin, SFC  
Battalion NBC NCO SFC ?, Lil Lifeline Lucy
Battalion NBC NCO SFC ?  
Battalion Signal NCO Gipson, SFC HHD 1SG
Battalion Signal Jackson, SPC  
S4 – Logistics Officer Tollefson, James CPT
Lee, Eric CPT
Dec 90- Feb 91
Apr 91-May 91
S4 NCOIC SFC Newsome  
S4 Section Sanders, SGT  
Battalion Maintenance Tech. George, WO1  
Chaplain Jackson, Aubrey N. CPT