Association of 3D Armored Division Veterans

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Mission Accomplished! The 3d Armored Division Monument was erected and dedicated at Fort Benning in November 2018. This represents the culmination of all the efforts of our membership...from the original board who conceptualized the the original donors who established the financial the many members who answered the call and purchased organizational and unit pavers. Collectively, we did it. And, in the spirit of Spearhead, we are the first Division to erect a monument in Patton Park at Fort Benning.

The thanks of a grateful nation is officially on display at Fort Benning for those who served the 3d Armored Division 1941-1992 in the WWII, Cold War and Desert Storm eras.

There were many magical moments during the November 17, 2018 ceremony to unveil the long-awaited 3D AD monument at Patton Park near the entrance to Fort Benning. Like a good Spearhead spirit taking the lead, the veil covering the monument lifted off on its own rather than waiting for the official countdown. Speakers represented each era of the Division history, including WWII veteran Walter Stitt; MG Tom Griffin; and CSM Joe Hill.

Please note that individual pavers will be ordered and placed on an ongoing basis. You will find a paver order form at the bottom of the page. For assistance or more information, contact Larry Klauser at



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