C Company (Medical)

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C Company, 503d Support Battalion (Forward)

Lifeline to the Ready First Combat Team

(Ayers Kaserne, Kirch-Göns, Germany)


Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander &
Brigade Surgeon
Turner, Clyde MAJ Jan 91-Return
Commander Lee, Eric CPT Dec 90-Jan 91 (Changed  to XO IAW law requiring physician to command in wartime)
Executive Officer Lee, Eric CPT Jan 91-Apr 91 (Became Bn S4)
Commander's Driver Pind, Robert SPC "Sharp"
First Sergeant Simmons, Ronnie 1SG   
1SG's Driver      

 HQ Platoon

Platoon Leader Gatoux, Natalie 2LT   
Motor Sergeant Lopez, Luis SSG   
Shop Foreman Hamilton, Christopher SGT   
Mechanic Pavlin, Joseph D. SPC   
Mechanic Morris, Kenneth SPC   
Mechanic Cummings, Reginald SPC   
TAMMS/PLL Clerk Barnes, Michelle SPC   
Commo Sergeant Stewart, Dave SGT   
Commo Splear, Timothy SPC   
Commo Stadler, David SPC   
Supply Sergeant Jackson, Adele SGT   
Medical Supply SGT Weber, Timothy SGT   
Training NCO Dougherty, Pamela SGT   
NBC NCO Chandra, Clark SSG  
NBC NCO Hopkins, Terry SGT (Actually an Operating Room Technician, filling the role of an NBC NCO!)
Cook Martin, Bernadine SSG   
Cook Silva, Patricia SPC   
Cook Caldwell, Marshal SPC   

Ambulance Platoon

Platoon Leader Glover, Eric 1LT   
Platoon Sergeant Bowman, Frederick SFC   
Squad Leader Rodman, Sarah SSG   
Aid/Evac NCO Moore, Patricia SGT   
Medical Specialist Stepp (Fowler), Sheila SPC   
Medical Specialist Martinez-Grey, Patricia SPC   
Medical Specialist Dunaway, Maureen PFC   
Medical Specialist Williams, Mary SPC   
Medical Specialist Randa, Rhonda SGT   
Medical Specialist Mangrum, Anthony SPC   
Medical Specialist Anderson, Carla SPC   
Medical Specialist Jarrett, Lisa SPC   
Medical Specialist Nevarez, Julie SPC   
Medical Specialist Adams, Teresa SPC   
Medical Specialist Thorkildsen, Karl SPC   

 Treatment Platoon

Platoon Leader Shebuski, Andrea 1LT  (Also Commanded C Med from time to time) 
Platoon Sergeant Carmack, Charles SFC   
Physician Curtis, William (Bill) CPT Bde Surgeon prior to deployment
Physician Barnes David MAJ Trauma Specialist
Physician's Assistant Stafford CW3   
Physician's Assistant Woodley, Rene CW2   
Nurse Harvey, Mark SGT   
Patient Admin Mallard, Charlie SPC   
Dentist Trier, Ashton CPT   
Dental Technician San Miguel, Joe SGT   
X-Ray Specialist Compton, Paul SPC   
Medical Lab Specialist Pake, Shane SPC   
Emergency Treatment NCO Jones, Bella SGT   
Emergency Treatment NCO Minerva-Valenzuela SGT   
Emergency Treatment NCO Scott, Denise SSG   
Medical Specialist Adams, Theresa SPC   
Medical Specialist Williams, Alicia SPC   
Medical Specialist Nevarez, Julie SPC   
Medical Specialist Jarrett, Lisa SPC   
Medical Specialist Kuch, Philip PFC   
Medical Specialist Johnson SPC   
Medical Specialist Anderson, Carla SPC  
Medical Specialist Bell, Anthony SPC   

 Unknown Platoon

? Brown III, Jimmy    
Medical NCO Dudgeon, Cathy SGT  
? Carter, Matthew  
? Haywood, Adrienne  
Medical Specialist Hervey, Andrianne SPC  
? James, Cassandra  
Medical Specialist Gray, Patricia SPC  
Medical Specialist Miller, Antonio  
? Nolen, Elford  
? Palvin, Joseph SPC  
? Powell, Faith  
? Reaves, Reginald  
? Riva, Jeremy  
? Roberts, Larry  
Medical Specialist Russo, Sam SPC  
Medical Specialist Sylvester, Stacy SPC  
? Walker, Robert  
Medical NCO Cambell, Andy SGT