703d Tank Destroyer Battalion Rosters

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703d Tank Destroyer Battalion in WWII

This 703d Tank Destroyer Roster is provided to help veterans find each other


Name From To  
Coffey, William      
Keough, John 1941 1945  
Hadlock, Donald      
Hemingway, Austin MSG 1941 1945  
Hunt, Fred      
Paulson, Harold      
Ruszczk, Stanley      


A Co

Name From To  
Balmes, John      
Goldberg, Nathan      
Miller, Albert      
Miller, Frank      
Moen, Joseph      
Ness, Harvey      
Schhutt, Robert      
Toma, George      
Wagoner, William      

B Co

Name From To  
Arsenault, Edward   1945  
Belland, Donald      
Caine, Norman 1942 1945 hcaine@or-l.com   
Carlson, Osear      
Czajowski, John   1945  
Finger, Manuel      
Gosch, Henry      
Johnson, Clyde      
Pulizzi, Anthony 1943 1945  
Sellers, John      

C Co

Name From To  
Ambrosio, Anthony      
Backus, Samuel      
Biddulph, Jack      
Bornstein, Charles      
Downey, Robert      
Gosch, Henry      
hoffman, Harry      
Paulson, Harold      
Schaefer, Joseph      
Taberski, Joseph