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If you see someone on this list you knew, contact me, I may have their email address. The page lists chronologically (approx in some cases) by the year we were assigned, and by unit, the names of our buddies we remember who served with us.  If you would like to be added to the list, or can add some other names please let me know Carl Erickson. 
Hope this brings back some memories.

1957(the 29th Armored Infantry Bn was reflagged as 2nd Armored Rifle Bn 48th Inf. in Oct 1957)
HHC-2-48My Image File 
Ron  Anderson
Henry Arnold  (PFC)      Lee Barrettn (PFC)
Ralph Campbell (Sp/3)               Ron Clines        Frank Gruler
Robert Glen Hamilton  (Sp/3)      Charles Hutson  (PFC)
Howard Kawasaki (Sp/3)
William Knotts (PFC)    Bobby Landers  ( PFC)    Calvin Newton
Steve Marshall  (Scout Plt Sqd Ldr,1958-61)       Jack Sexton
James M. Trahan 
George Timmering
Tom Carlson (Aug 1955-July 1958)
    Eugene E. McInerney (SPC 1957-58)    Thomas Haynes (1958-60 arrived about the
same time 2nd Lt Colin Powell, who was his  platoon leader on his first assignment in the Army)
    Kenneth Cole (Lt)
Cpt. Duncan
Bob Lindsey (2/Lt Plt Ldr. from 29th AIB, then XO, CO Co. A, asst S3, May 57 Nov 59)
Kenneth M. Lonky 
    Rodobaldo German Rodreguez (1957-8 Sp/4) 
    Ricardo Fernandez
Ludwick Turzanski
Hq Section
Raymond D. Barrett ( Major Bn XO 1958-59)
Hq Co. 
Captain George La Land ( CO )  SP-5 Foster (Co. Clerk)
David Birdsley (March 1958 – Jan 60)  Wade Mims, the 6′ 5″ cook, Buddy Stevens was with the
motor pool, Sgt. Conroy and Sgt. “Shakey” Brooker were in the medic platoon.
Mortar Plt
    Mike Skaggs (Sgt E-5 Sq Ldr, 1st Sq, 4.2 Mortar Platoon. July, 1958-Dec 59)
2nd Lt. Robert Clark (Plt Ldr)  Master Sgt Mays Overton (Plt Sgt)
SFC Hank Porter was was over the 1st squad,
2nd squad was S/S Kyle Payne, 3rd squad was S/S Harold LaBorde,
4th squad was S/S Hostillo, and SFC Joe Fridel ran the Fire Direction squad.
Others included Quinten Shaw, Dolph Shaw,”Buzzard” Heubling,
Leland Springer, Al Wardell, Thomas Pinkney, Jack Mulkeen, Stonerock,
Virgil Sumpter, Thomas Shannahan, Elda Smith, and Joe Smith from Abernathy, Texas
Scout Plt
Robert J. Haney (Scout Plt, Sect. Sgt 1958-61)  T ony Cejay in the Scout Platoon 
Wm. C. Montgomery  (Scout Plt, Sqd Ldr 1958-61)
    Tom Miller (CPT, CO, 1958-59)     Kevin F. Hines (supply section)
Colin L. Powell  (2nd Lt. Plt Ldr to 1959 when went as XO to D Co.)
Dick Etherton (Dec.1958 to Mar. 1960) 
    Calvin C. Johnson (Platoon Sgt)          Larry W. Melvin ( 1958-1960)
?  Louisell (CPT, CO, succeeded by 1/LT Colin Powell to the end of 1960, when Lt Powell
PCS back to Fort Devens, Massachusetts.) 
Steven Dest (1958-60)      Louie Cipra       Dave Gagnier
Joe Ciberowski.
HHC-1-48(While at Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
    Roger L. Sheppard (1959-60, drove courier jeep & 106mm Recoilless Rifle crew – Roger is
looking for Avery Nance and Miloslav Springer.  If you have info email Roger)
D-1-48 (Worms)
William Frost,  (Spec-4)
    Raymond “Bear or Red Man”  Barrett (MAJ, Bn XO 1959-60)     
Bernnie F. Blair (IST  SGT) HHC-2-48 (1959)       ? Dobbins (CPT Doctor) 
James T. Carter,  (LTC Bn C.O.)        ? Jaques – Major Bn XO (1959-61) 
LeRoy (Roy) Johannesen     
Scout Platoon:  Avery Nance,  (Plt. Sgt.  1959-60)     Steve Marshall (Sqd Ldr 1959)
“Tiger” Johns (Platoon Ldr )    Allen D. Davis, (Sqd Ldr  1959-62)
Warren G. Jackson (SP/4 Driver, 1959 -62)
Paul Shoop (SP/4 1959-61)   Glen Klinger SP/4 1959-61)
Mortar Platoon:  Marlon Angel,     Raymond Bonczek,     Dick Donaldson,
Andrew (Andy ) Kowalik,    Don Blair  (1st Sgt Blair’s nephew)
? Watkins (CO A-2-48 (1959)
     Wilfred C. Morse (CPT, CO in mid 1959)
Leroy Houston (IST SGT)      Edward Kitchens ( Sqd Ldr)
    Robert McPhail (Plt Sgt 1959-62)
Rodney Washburn (Sqd Ldr)
   Joseph G. Rush (Sqd Ldr) 1959
    Joseph H. Day (Sqd Ldr) 1959
        NOTE:  Carl Erickson has a copy of the 2nd ARB yearbook with photos and names of all
Bn personnel in 1959.  Contact him if you have inquiries.

Bob Porter (1959-63)
HHC-1-48 (At Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
    Curly Church (Bn C.O.)      Warren Larck (CPT S-4 now retd LTC)
Jim Byrd (Support Plt, then Bn. S4, Jan. 1960 – June ’63, retd E-9)
Glen Haney (Oct 1960 – March ’63)                   Collins Smith (1960-61, Bn Band)
David Neely         Robert Steele          Glen Overturf            Gary Renninger
Hector Moreno        Fred McDade           Robert Smith            Bob Easterbrook
Robert Bonebrake          Tony Mastaroni
John P. Seawell ( HHC 4.2 mortar & Co Clerk.  In 1961to D Co, as Co.  clerk. Late LTCr )
James Thevenot. (Jan 1960 – Jan 63 Support Platoon under SFC “Pappy” Kessler as a truck driver.
In 1961transferred to D Co. as Mess Hall truck driver, Asst machine gunner and later a
Platoon Runner. Retired in 1979 as a Major)
William Gosky (SP/4 Plt. Co Clerk 1960-62, then D Co. took his discharge in Germany and opened a
loan company down  the street from the front gate.  He was the Bn. money man.)
B-1-48 (At Worms)
     Howard Thomas (Sp/4 “Tom”)
D-1-48  (At Worms)
Vel Hawes  (Jan 1960 – Dec 62)        Frank Herrera        John Leach   Jay Marano
1st Sgt Burnett    Jesse Webb     Brian Mason (Sp/4 Radio Repairman Mar 1960 – Oct 62)
Harry E. Hodges Jr. (Nov 1960 to May 63 Machine Gunner 3rd (Plt, 4th Squad,  Rifleman 3rd Plt, 3rd Squad
and then special duty to TA 21 Supply)
C-1-48 (At Worms)
? Megason (1960-62 Fire Team Ldr 1st Sq, 1st Plt)
    James Bartholomees (LTC, Bn CO 1960-61)     ? Knox (Sp/4 mail clerk)
John D. Matthew (MAJ, HHC C.O.)
Jim Brown (Bn S1)
Richard Nelson (1960-63)    ? Smith (Supply Sgt)
Commo Plt.
Russell A. Lawson (SGT )
Med Platoon
Carson Baird, (SGT )       Charles Barnette (PFC Medic)         William Bray  (1960-63)
William Butler (SGT)        ? Chase (SGT)         Hardy T. Cheatum         ? Coates (SGT)
? Decaprio         SGT.Calvin Dillion         Vincent Garafalo (CPT, MD)
Fred Gotham,(PFC)         ?? Grahm (SGT  Plt Sgt)         Chuck La Flore (2/LT)
McBride (SGT )        James Meagher         Abraham Miller (CPT MD)         Norman (PFC),
?? Osbourne,(SGT )         Norman  Perkins         Elmer Pollygus, (PFC med driver)
? Phelps           Rodgers,(Sp/4)         Victor? Sanchez, (PFC med driver for CPT Miller)
? Shanks,         Bob Sheppard, (1960-62)        ?? Smith  (SGT )
Jerry D. Sykes (later SGT)         Richard Talavera (PFC medic)          Vandergriff,(Sp/4)
.?? Wiley, (SGT)        Willie Williams         ? Wise 
Scout Platoon
Oscar Box ( Sqd Ldr 1960-63)          Warren Cobley ( Sqd Ldr, 1960-63 [KIA-VN])
James E. Eubanks ( Sp/4)          Douglas L. Scardo 1960-61
David P. Vanhooser ( Platoon Ldr)  1960          Carrol T. Vanhooser ( Platoon Ldr) 1960
Bill Taylor (C.O., later a Col)
Purdy McLeod  (C.O.,  later a Col)
“Hoss” Bill Hamel (CO, was the only Lt commanding a company at that time)       
Doug Booth, (LT XO then S1)
Lt. Reid (Plt Leader)
Arthur Whitehead (1960-62)  
L. LaForce,  (Sqd Ldr 1960-63) 
HQ Co-1-48  (While at Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
  Lawrence Cooper  (March 1961 to Sept 62, 106 mm Recoilless Rifle)
Peter Caragonne ( Feb 1961 to Sep 62)
Jim LeGros (S-1 Office later D Co. Clerk, 1961-63, )
CWO Lsley (S-1 shop)        Lt. Mauer (S-1)
Frtiz C. Moore (SP-4, Chief, Message Center and S-2, 1961-3)
Michael Smith (S-4 Hq Co., later transferred to C&D Cos.)
Robert Widish (SP-4, Co. S-4 1961-3)
Joseph Delahunt (SP/4 1961-3, Co S-4 later transferred to C Co. as an APC driver 3rd Plt.)
Scout platoon:
Sp5 Ronald Stone, Sp4 Arrel E Aistrop, PFC  Frank B Anderson, Sgt Jesse T Bates, PFC  James J Becker,
SSgt Frank F Camacho Jr., (was Ronald Stone’s  Section Leader when he  arrived in Worms in March 1960)
Sgt Monte F Cummings Jr, PFC  Carroll J Davis, Sp4 Delbert A Day, PFC  Jesse A Delgado, PFC  Bernd Dienst,
1st Sgt Marvin W Duncan, Sp4 Eugene F Fry, PFC  Ronald C Heath, PFC  Larry D Hickman, Sgt Francis E House,
Sp4 Gary D Huckabay, PFC  Wayne B Janson, SFC George W Kistler, PFC  James J Kreuzer, PFC  Audria C Lewis,
Sp4 Harmon D Mathews, PFC  Robert D Muron. Sp4 Clarence E Ramsey, PFC  John L Richardson,
Sp4 William M Seaman Jr, PFC  Jesse A Schrader, Sp4 Ronald G Stone, PFC  Werner K Thiemig, Sp4 Walter D Williams,
Sgt Frank Wright, PFC  David W Zink
B-1-48 (While at Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
  Roger Berringer (Sp/4)
Clement Evans  (Corporal )
Ronald E. McCreary (AR & Commo, Sp/4 1961-63)
Frank Seely (MG and APC driver Sp/4, M-59’s and M-113s) 
    Jack Falcone/Lapiana  (1961- 1964) 
C-1-48  (While at Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
    Jerry Lombardo (1961-63)      Phillip Smith  (PFC 1961-3 1st Plt.)  wayne Tubman (1961-?)
? Quanzon (CPT 1961-?)   
D-1-48  (While at Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
 ? Mason (SP/4 1961-?) 
HHC-2-48 (At Gelnhausen)
    Charles “Check It Out” Jaques (Bn XO)           
     Herbert Flather (Major XO, later Prof of Military  Science at Univ of N.H.)
Bill Taylor (Asst S3 and later CCB S3-Air)
Ben Buckley (Property Book Officer,  retired as COL in No. Va.)
     Richard Wallace (SMAJ Bn SMAJ)
    ? Bubnash (1st Sgt)
Jim “Pinkey” Lee (Scout Platoon Ldr  KIA VN)
Eulin Stevens (Support Platoon leader, retired as COL in No. Va.) 
    John Gibbs (Plt Ldr, later Bn Maint Officer, then CO of D Co., then C-1-48)
    Saul Ezekiel  (CO)       “Cappy” Capobianco
Steve Karalexis (Machine Gunner ’61-62)
Ed Kitchen, (SGT 4th Sq, 1st Plt)
Dennis “Salty” Sautelet (drove B-24, and later Col Marshall’s M-114)
Greg Sherman
R.B. “Smitty” Smith
Bill “Pop” Stacey
Ed Swallow 1961-3
    Paul Strickland (Machine gunner, then to HHC1-48 as the Spec 4 mail clerk through 1964)
    Mike Vickers (1961-63, see his photos on photo pages)     Joseph H. Schwar (Delta Co XO)
Clyde Sedwick (Delta Co Co) 
HHC-1-48 (While at Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
Support Platoon:    ? Dickerson (SSG)    Al “Butch” Ferrara (PFC 1962-4)
Lovell Forward   (PFC)     ?  Hanson (1st Lt)     Marselus Head  (SP4)    ?  Hornsby (PFC)
Pat “Cop” Kellerher—(SP-4, was with the UPs before he came to the platoon)
Ernest Laczo  (PFC)    Frank LaJune (SP4)     ?  Mack (SP5)    Kerry McClould (PFC)
? Moore (SP4)     ?     Ray (SGT)    John Ray (SP4)    Larry Small (PFC)
Larry Tannahill (PFC)    PFC – Forest Thurman (PFC)
B-1-48  (While at Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
Henderson (Rick) Mendenhall (1962-65, served 21 yrs retired an E-7 in 1982)
C-1-48  (While at Worms, Germany under 7th Army)
John Walker (PFC 1st Plt.)    Roberto Gonzales (1st Plt.)
Gordon Cogar (PFC 1962-3, transferred to 23rd Engineers in Hanau)
Frank Touloumis (PFC 1962-3, transferred to 23rd Engineers in Hanau)
Polit Cortez (PFC 1962-?)
Anthony Miller  (PFC 1962-3 weapons sqd 1st Plt)
HHC-2-48 (Gelnhausen)
Thomas Drake  (Bn CO)            Warren Kynard, (MAJ XO)    William Brown, (CPT S1)
Mike McCormick, (LT S2)    Bill Taylor, (CPT S3)    Wade Wilson, (LT S3 Air)
Purdy McLeod, (CPT S4, Later MAJ 2BDE S2)
John Redder, (CPT Maint and later S4 and S3 of 1\48)    Jack Marzolf, (CPT Chaplain)
Joseph Mulhern  (Chaplain)
HHC:         Herb Renkin, (CPT HHC CO)      Ron Conkle, (CPT Support and later CO B CO)
William Staples, (Msgt Bn Supply Sergeant)      Ben Buckley, (Lt PBO later XO Co. D)
Wes Oyler, (CWO Maint)      Bill Young, (SSG Scouts, later S2 Sgt)
Bob Baumgardner (3/4 ton supply truck driver)    Jim Chorazy   (later HHC-CCB, HHC-1-48)
? Flemming (Bn Supply Sgt)    Jerome Valenti (Sept ’62, transferred to 1st Bn when moved to G-town)
Donald Misner    ? Richardson  (Bn Supply)    Cleo Seegar (Scout Plt, SFC
Leroy Smith (mail clerk)    ? Hornbeck (also mail clerk)    Robin Smith
Clifford Carr (mortar platoon)   Sgt. Torres  (mortar plt ldr)
Maintenance Section:  Fred Masheimer (Sp/5, drove M88 VTR and M51 wrecker from Apr 1962-Oct 64) 
Bob Uhlman, Dave Firth, Rich Jahn, Jim Mize, Henry Marcley, Rich Edmonds, Dave Nieves 
     John Kalina, (CPT CO)     Rich Henriques, (LT XO)
John Valieant, (LT Plt Ldr, Ltr Post Provost Marshal)
Nicholas Vay, (LT Plt Ldr)           Lee Prentice, (LT Plt Ldr, later Support, S! and CO Co. B)
John Gibbs, (LT Mortars, later Maint Officer and CO of a company in 1|48)
? Clarke (Co Supply Sgt)    Carl Erickson – (1st Plt. Ldr)
Larry Going  (Plt Ldr)    Jim Lee  (Co CO)      ? Mallory  (1st Plt Sgt)    ? Martinez  (4th [Mortar] Plt Sgt)
? Sanchez  (Mess Sgt)    ? Sawyer
Saul Eziekiel, (CPT CO later CCB S1)         Eulin Stevens, (LT XO)
Mike Ashapa, (LT 1st PLT, later, PBO, S4 and S3)
Richard Potter, (LT 3d Plt, later Scout platoon, S2, CO CoA.  went RA and retired as a Brig Gen,
big into special warfare, shot up three times in  Nam.  Read about him in the book, Delta Force)
Ron Zaborowski, (LT mortars)
1SGT Walter Johnson.  (Heard he became SMAJ of the Army at some time)
Dingus Martin, (MSGT Platoon SGT )
Wayne Boles, (LT Plt LDR and XO, one of two pilots assigned to us)
Bill Romard, (CPT CO )         Wendy Parker, (LT XO later CO as CPT)
John Reid, (LT Plat LDR and later Commo at HQ )           Dick Sternekert, (LT Plt LDR)
George Johnson (LT)      Jerry Lombardo (1962-64 3rd Plt 2nd Sq. )
     Ben Swinson (CPT Co. C.O.)         Clyde Sedgwick, (CPT CO)
LT Dennis Lenhardt, (PLT LDR, later 4.2’s and CO C-1-48)
HHC-1-48    (1 Sept 1963: 1-48 was reorganized from Worms as a 7th Army unit and redesignated as the
1st Bn (Mechanized), 48th Infantry and co-located in Gelnhausen with the 2nd Bn of the 48th, 3rd Armored Division.)
Initial Bn HQ personnel were:      LTC McCarthy-Bn CO     Major Arthur Moreland- XO     Lt Craig Barnes-S1
Lt Gary Hacker-S2      Capt John Redder- S3     Lt Frank Fogearty- S4     Capt Van Booth- HHC Co 1-48
Jack Dick Allen  (Recon Plt Leader)           Tom Palmer (1962-3 Co Clerk)      SMAG Jesse, Battalion SMAG
Subsequent and additional personnel included:
S-1 Section:
Sp Wm “Bill” Cook  (Adjutant’s office)
S-2 Section:
Charles Drewery (1963-4, SP5, S-2 ) 
S-3 Section:
Sgt Emery, Sgt Uzinski, Sp5 Henry Eggert, Sp4 George Meffert
Sp Gary Owen (S3 APC Driver) Capt Kalina     Angelo Zandiotis, (CPT S3)
S-4 Section:
Paul O’Heaney, (CPT , 1-48 S4)   William Scheuerman, (SGT Asst Bn Supply Sgt)  ???  Hall, (SGT Bn POL Sgt)
Headquarters Co and others:
?? Cary (SP5  truck driver )    Jesse, (1SGT later SMAJ of 1\48)    Joseph McCarthy, (LTC, 1-48 BN CO)
Burl “Mac”  McCoy (Dec 1963 – Dec 1966, Plt Sgt Ground Surv. Radar, and later in S3)
Larry Mowery, (LTC Bn CO)     Robert Rondeau (Bn C.O.’s driver)     David Smothers (Co Clerk)         
Back L. Woods (Top Sgt)    Capt Potter
Charles “Chuck” B. Foster (the Armored Cav Plt Ldr ( Nov 63-May 64) and Company CO (May 64-Apr 66) as 1st LT and later CPT.
Capt Sedgwick    Lt Renkin   Lt Conkle   Lt Zambrowski   Sgt Courtney   Sgt Summerville   Sp John O’Mara
Sp John Kane (Mail Rm ?)   SP Eric Schmidt (Maj Kynard’s driver)   Sp Wayne Linsley   Sp Andy Anderson
?   D’Ellasandro   PFC John Halaska  (driver).
Jerome Valenti ( Sept 1962-Aug 64, transferred from 2nd Bn as a Sp/5 with the Davy Crocket Mortar Platoon.
SFC Root was his Plt. Sgt).
     Sp4 David Smothers, Company Clerk
    Capt Paul Gregory- A Co CO     Prisco Rad-Cliff (Mortar Plt, 1963-5)     
    Harry Gresham  (1963-65, is looking for Samuel Garcia from New York, who was in during his time and rotated about the
summer of 1966.  Anyone with info please email Harry.)     Capt Neil Willoughby- B Co CO
Paul O’Heaney- (Capt. C Co C.O.)     ? Blackburn (Pvt. 1963-63 1st Plt)
    Rick Mendenhall (D/3/36 6/62-8/63 company until became part of the 1/48 in Gelnhausen until 6/65) 
    Ben Marshall –  (LTC, Bn C.O.)       Myron (Mike) Ashapa (LT S-4)
Angelo T. Zandiotis (CPT S-3, Thought up the idea for using the duck pond for track swimming training)
Tom Duppen (Lt Commo Plt)
? Garner (SGT, Bn Maint Sgt)    Arthur Moreland
4.2 Mortar Platoon:       Dennis Kesolitz (4.2 mortar platoon, drove track 1963-6) 
Ernie D’Angelo  Alfredo Aguilar  Jerry Dinsmore   Henry Marcley    Barry Gimigliano
    ? Flanders (First Sgt)        Tony Japuntich             ? Oliver  (SSG)
Peter J. Pedone (Rifle Plt Ldr,  Mortar/Davey Crockett Plt Ldr, Asst S-4, C.O. Co. B 1963-66)
Joe Roberson (1963-65)       Ronald Solan  (SSG)       Peter Benzinger (LT)       ??  Foster (LT )
David Keller, (LT PLT LDR)       Craig Barnes (LT PLT LDR then 1-48 S1)
    Leo Johnson –  (First Sgt)    Lavelle Wallace (also served with C-2-48)
    Bob Bostwick        Dave Keller (Lt S-3 from 2/48  1964-5)
Robert Hertel (Sp/4, 1964-Aug 1965)
    Robert C. Kerner (Bn C.O.)    John R. Osbourne  (Bn X.O.)    Norman H. Perlmutter (S-1)
Joseph M. Giarrusso (S-2)    William D. Daniel (S-3)    Lonnie N. Alston (S-4)
Jack Hill (Co C.O.)        LT Lud Hoffman, S4
4.2 Mortar Plt:   James Fennell (SFC Mortar Plt Sgt)        Adam Pelt (1964-66)
Barry  J. Gimgliano (1964-66)           Dennis  Kesolitz  (1964-66)
    David Bear  (C.O.)           ?? Johnson, (Plat LDR)       Charlie Jackson (LT)
Don Applegarth (LT PLT LDR)        
    Leland E. Prentice  (C.O.)
John Elwell (for 16 mo. before stationed at Ayers Kaserne with 2/36th until May ’67)
Jim Gray  (Sp/4 HQ Plt, 1964-65)
    George D. Lenhardt  (C.O.)      ?  Lawrance  (Lt)
Charles “Chuck” B. Foster  Company C Commander (May 64-Apr 66) as 1st LT and later CPT.
Wayne Hoener (1964-67, driver of C-13, subsequently to S-3) 
     Dale Carlson ( Commo Plt Sgt)
Joel Engelman (SGT, HHC-2-48, Bn Commo Plt., 1965-67)
Clark Rehburg ( Co. C.O.)
Chuck Schroeder – (also HHC-2-48)
    Gene Ness (Plt Ldr B Co, S3,S3Air,S2)
Larry Mack ( SP/4 Nov 1965-May 1967)   PFC Kirk J. James ( winter of 1965 to April 1966 when volunteered for Vietnam)
SP4 Johnny Scalf    Sgt. Santiago    PFC Joe Bianchi    Sgt “Pop” Kruse      LT Wilson     Fred Bussey
Sgt Billingsly     Mike Watkins    Ken Marthaller    PFC George Lill    Larry Frost
Bill Berkebile        Thomas Chadband     Jim DeSantis  (1966 to late 67)
Mike Doyle     Jerry Fair (medic)      
Jim Langan –  (Jim has compiled a list of Dragoons from this period. Contact him through the memories page for information.
Also see Jim’s photos on the photo page)

    Estel Overton  ( ground surveillance – RADAR)
Ray Powers         Samuel Quinn           Steve Santoro
Wayne Hoener (S3 Operations/Communications E5 Sgt)
    Henri Le Borgne (later to HHC-1-48 Scout Platoon)     Mario Quintero (1966-69, played on the Soccer Team)
Gene Ness (LT Plt Ldr in B Co, S3, S3-Air, and S2 over 3 yr period)
Wayne Sargent (LTC, Bn C.O.)
     Dexter Smith (1966-69, Maint Plt, later SGM)       Charles Merrill (1966-69 HHC Scouts & Motorpool.
Took discharge and stayed in Germany working for McNamara Racing, for Green Beret Lt Fancis McNamara) 
     Bob Ford  (1966-’68)     Paul Chrystal (1966-68)  Raul Gomez (1965-1967) Wayne Belcher (Sgt E-5, 1966-68)
    Larry Mack (SP4, 106 Recoilless Rifle jeep driver)
Lt? Lienhart, G. Denis – (may not be spelled correctly.) Was commander of C-company.
Was told by almost everyone who knew him he and given himself Article 15, with
restriction to Company Area being AWOL. Most EM were impressed with his sense
of uniformly administering UCMJ to himself as well as EM.
Lt.? Beavers, James A. – Platoon Leader
Lt.? Eaton, ?????? – Company Commander after Lt. John R. Bialkowski. Had made his way
through the ranks to E-6 before going to OCS. Had once been a company clerk.
SFC Hunter, Robert – Platoon Sgt. Nickname “Mission.” Held reserve rank of Major.
SP4 Scales, W.D. – Track APC driver. (owned a sewing machine and sewed on patches,
chevrons, and made repairs for a reasonable  price. Had source of income to reach next pay day.)
SSG – Faulkner, ?????? – Arms room Sgt.,  Sgt. – Fetner, ?????? – Squad leader,
Sgt. Hauschildt, ?????? – Squad leader
SSG – O’Hannlon, ?????? – Squad leader,  SSG – Janes,?????? – Mess Sgt.,
SP? – Ames, ??????,   Sgt. – Pollard, ?????? – Squad leader, SSG – Sveda, ?????? – Motor Pool,
SSG – Cepek, Charlie – Motor Pool,  Pvt. – Valperts, Darrell – Rifleman, later mess hall cook.
??? — Rigalato, ?????? – Rifleman, requested and received transfer to mess hall as cook.
Became night baker.  He had done this before entering the Army.
SP4 – Reinhart, ?????? – Squad member, much of his time was spent as Boy Scout leader going
from post to post.
SP4 — Partin, Jimmy – Driver of Jeep for Lt. Eaton. Hailed from Corbin, KY. Claimed to be shirt tail
relative of Dolly Partin.
??? Young, G. A. – Squad member , Pvt. Godbee, Freeman Franklin, Jr. – Squad member.
Good checker player. Claimed he learned from his father – Checker Champion of GA.
SP4 –Frost, Larry – commo. Already mentioned. Always had friend in Division call company
for some kind of equipment inspection at Division HQ, on the day of scheduled Company
inspection, there by avoiding the Company inspection.
??? Smallwood, ?????? – Motor pool mechanic, Pvt. Lazarder, Henry – Motor pool mechanic
Pvt. Willis, R.L. – Rifle squad member, and  Pvt. Willis, ??? – Rifle squad member – twin brothers
Pvt. Triplett, William – Heavy weapons, Pvt. Jeffries, Dale — Heavy weapons,
Pvt. Alverez, Luis and Pvt. Alverez, Edilberto – Rifle squad members– twin brothers
Pvt. Guzick, George – Rifle squad member. Served four years in the Belgium Army.
Migrated to US, was drafted and sent back to where he had come from.
Week end pass always sent him home.
Pvt. Samuels, Barry – Rifle squad member
?? Blankenship (Sgt)     Tatum Gressettee (CPT – replaced in  ’67 by Lt. Morill as Co. C.O.)
Edwin Jacobson (1967-69)
Verlyn Leisher (Plt Sgt)
Lee Morill (Lt, later Cpt & Co. C.O.)
?? Peck (Lt)
Dan Lewis (Commo Sectrion Jun 1967 – Aug 1969)
    Henri Le Borgne (later to HHC-1-48 Scout Platoon)
Richard Wells (later HHC 2nd Bde)
Jimmy A. Blair   (Co. O)      Augustus Love (1st Sgt.)  Martin Milco (1st Plt Ldr June 1967 to July 1968
-reassigned to VN.  See his memory on the memories page)
Clinton (Clint) McCormick (SGT,  and  to HHC, 2/48  S-3 until 1970)
Ed Jacobsen (1967-69)
    Richard C Caporiccio (1967-8, , Plat Ldr Co C, CO, Company A, Bn S3)
Joe Romanosky (Co. C.O. – had a German Sheppard mascot. Doghouse behind barracks)
Sgt Smith (1st. Sgt.)
Jim Young  (1967/68 –  ran squad thru MISPC and was selected for Prix Leclare
marksmanship……Belgium won in 1968…G-Town Represented NATO that Year!!)
    Gene Grupinski    Richard King     Bob LaPorte
John Gross  (1967-69)
Riley Farias 
    Thomas Brogan (LTC Bn Commander 1968-69 instituted “blood and guts” motto of 1st Bn.
Rotated to become Division G-1in Frankfurt)
Chuck Backlin ( 1Lt  Bn Adjutant followed by 2LT Cooley)
Bill Dupree, (1LT HHC C.O.)     Rene Peterson (2LT  Bn Maintenance Officer)
Carl Key (2LT S-2)         Alan Peck (CPT  S-3)         Bob Wirth (S-4)
     Jonathan Brownlee (’68-70)     Steve Tossi, (1LT Co C.O.)
Don Thompson  (radio repairman 1968, then Commo Chief early 1969 until Feb. 1970)

Jan Okowski, (1LT Co C.O.)
Jack Ashcraft, (1LT Co C.O.)  
Commo Group
David Pointer (1/’68 – 7’69, Sp/4 then SGT Commo Chief)
Tom Burgraff (Spec 4 and made Spec 5 )
    Gary Cisewski (Medic, Day Rm, CO’s Driver, 1969-72)
Jim Fowle (Medic Plt., 6-69 to 11-70)
     Ronnie Johnson  (MOS-11H- 106mm. recoilless rifle1969-71)
    Bob Almy (Sgt)     Willie Billins (Sgt)      Ron Csapo (Sp-5)    John Gainer (Sgt)
? Goff (Lt)      Ewalt Heizman (Sp-5)     ? Lagapa (1st Sgt)     Bill McCaffery
? Musgrave (SFC)    ? Nolin     ? Quintaria (1st Sgt)      Nick Varano
Jerry Crutchley (1969-79)
Rocky Alt, (SP4)      Marshall Benassi (SP4, Motor Pool),     Glenn Blackburn, (SGT)
??? “Carl” Blubaugh (SP4, S3 Clerk)       David L Bost  (CSM)
James Burd  (SP4, Message Center),     ??? “Country” Carstenson, (SP4),
Eugene Champagne (SFC, PSNCO,  S1)       Bernie Costa  (or Co A? Clerk)
Greg Domber, (SP4, Co.?),      Nick Donato (SP4 Motor Pool)      Richard Erdman (PFC,)
    Victor Fowler  (Support Plt 1970-73, and 1976-79 – see Vic’s memory on memory page)
Gary Geyer, (SP4  CSM Driver ?)
Lloyd Honnon, Jr   (Jan 70-aug71  S-1 clerk then to B Co as Co. Clerk)
Steven M. Kahn (SP4,  S1 Orders Clerk)
Richard F. Karamatic, (SP4),      Mark Kirkland (SGT  Courts& Boards Clerk)
??? Maddux, (SP4),      Michael T Matthies  (1LT,  S1 Adjutant )      ??? Meeker,
Mike Menesini  (PFC, S1 Clerk)      Russell Miller (SP4, S2 Clerk),
Robert “Roger”  Padilla (SP4, Driver)     Rupert G. Pate (SGT, PSNCO)
??? Patterson, SP4, S3 Clerk,      George Powers (SP4  Bn CO’s Driver)
Hank Quantrille  (SP4, Motor Pool)      Chester T. Samuels, (SP4)
John W. Swaren Jr, (LTC, Bn CO)             ??? Trinka, (PFC)
Roger Zimmerman (SP4  Newspaper/Photos)  Bill Perry (Deceased, retired as CSM in 79)
John Hammond (2LT Platoon Leader1970-71) 
James B. “Frog” Helton (1971-72) See his picture on the insignia page
Ron Holland (SP5, S-2 Section and track driver, last part of ’73 was Col.’s driver)
    Karl Looney (SP-4 Supply Cler)
Dale Young (SP-4 Bn HHC Bn. Commander’s driver)
Dan Wheeler (1971-73)
Charles Clark  (Cpt C.O.)       Harville (1st SGT)       Steve Leimel (’71-73)
Stephen Patterson (Apr 71 – Apr 73, Supply Clerk  Co C and then S4 Supply Clerk)
SSG Robert Hurt, Supply Sergeant        CPT  Arthur L. Holmes, Company Commander
1SG Lavelle Wallace       SP4 Danny Stutts, driver for Supply 2 1/2T  C-11
SP4 Willie Booker, Company Clerk        CW2 Howard V. Robison, PBO, HQ 1/48
SSG William Andrae, PBO NCO      SP4 Antonio Navarrette, R&U
    Carl N. Belack  (Capt. S1):     Bruce T. Caine ( Capt. S3)     John T. Camey  (Capt. S4)
Howard W. Crawford, (Capt. CO, HQ Co).
Jim Dodson (Driver for Bn. C.O. LTC  Harrison, was there from 1971 to 1973)
    William H. Harrison  LTC. .Bn. CO:      ? Jerrolds (SSG)     Leonard T. Keys  Maj.Bn, XO:
Mike Lambert     Joseph Stasko    Harold G. Wendelken  1st Lt.S2:
    Jack Blum, (Weapons Plt – Jack has a nephew who started basic training with the 1/48th at
Ft Wood in 2001)
? Colwell, Sgt. (E7) (mortar section leader)     Jim Gebo (May 1971-Jun3 72)
John W. Dye,  Capt. CO, Company A:
    Michael Nakajima (Sgt, also was S-1 clerk under LTC Harrision and CPT Hiett)
W. Williams,  Capt. CO, Co. B
Donald G. Goff, Capt. CO, Co. C:     Joseph “Joe” Peebles, Lt.
     Doug Schnabel, (Weapons Plt 1971-72)
HHC -1-48    Frank Coleman (07/1972 – 09/1973)
    Christopher Tipton (Medic, 6/1972 – 6/1974)
    George Copeland (Feb 1972-Feb 1974 S-1 Clerk, Sp/4)
CSC-1-48    Michael Bennett, (Recon Plt)         Bruce A. Reed (72-73, 17K20 Ground Surveillance
Edward (Ned) Cummings (12/72-9/74  Redye squad  Spec4)
Ramon Jaramillo (1972-4)       Noel McKellar  (1972-73)
Charles Peterson (1972-74)
James Huffstutler (1972-74  also in Bn. Maint.  The 2nd time in G-Town was in HHC 1/33)
William Richards (1972-74)
    First Sgt.  Lee (1972-4) 
Orville W. “Murf”  Murphy, (1973-6)        Gary Ronald (armorer & supply, 1973-6)
     Chuck “Worm” Fletcher (1973 -76 Redeye Section)
Gary Dubois  (PFC EIB, later Sp/4 guarding missiles.  Retired as Staff Sgt.)       Cpt. Roberto Valle (Co. C.O.)
Robert Skipper (SSGT 2nd Plt)    Bruno Urbaniak (SGT)   Roy Harris (SGT)
Tyrone Amileck (SP/4)    Gary Huff  (SP/4)
Donald Baier (’73-75)    Wilfred “Beetle” Bielitz  
     CPT. Strothers (C.O 73-74,CPT.)     Winters (C.O. 74-?)      First Sergeant Downer (72-?)
Sp/4 Berryman (company clerk)   
Hq Plt 1973-6):   SGT Harrelson, training NCO,      Sp/4 Booze,      Sp/4 Bradford,
Sp/4Jamerson,      Sp/4Hampton,        Sp/4 Mortimer (duce and half driver hq plt)
Sp/4 Mike  Fouts (4/73 – mid 75?? in commo, motor pool,  then to HHC Co with Red Eye)
Sp/4 Hoppie (combat medic)      Sp/4 Foster       SFC Glover (maint)
Sp/4 Brock (maint plt)     Sp/4 J.Setters (recovery vehicle)
1st Plt:       1st LT. LaFever (plt ldr)      Sgt. Darrington         Sp/4 K.C.Woods
Sp/4 Burns   Cpl Collins     Sp/4 C.H.Weise
2nd Plt:   SGT Robert M. Briggs (’73-76 & Squad Leader 1st Sq.)
     PSG Thurston (74 -75)        PSG Naputti (3rd then 2nd plt. 74 – ?)
SGT Sanchez (1st sqd. A team ldr)
CPL. Simmons (1st sqd., B team ldr)     PFC. Freeman (M – 16)
PFC Russel (M-113 driver M – 16)      Pvt Garza (M -16)      Pvt Sosa (M – 16)
PFC McPherson (M -16)      Pvt Ortiz (M -203)      PFC M. Vitello “Vito”,
2ND.LT. Lamont (Plt. Ldr)     Sp/4 Bickford (M -203)     PFC Reyes (M -60)
Pvt Mendez (M-60),     PFC Lutz (M -203)      SSG.J.L. Sanchez (72-74)
Sp/4 Walker (3rd sqd M -113 driver)      SGT Pender (3rd sqd)
SGT J. Walker (2nd sqd)      SGT J. Turner (3rd sqd)     PFC Simms
     Eric White (2nd Plt Nov 1973-May 74, 3rd Plt Sept 1974, Wpns Plt Nov 1975, assigned to
base gym until July 1976, then returned in Bravo Co until rotated to states in June 1977) 
 3rd Plt:     2 ND LT. Sorenson (plt ldr)     SSG Carter      SFC Powell
PFC Severe      Pvt Brezinski     PFC Blackwell
SSG Washington (3rd plt)
Jim “Reverant Jim” Edwards, Weapons Plt (1973-77)        Ronald Harrelson
Dan McCann (1973-75)            Leonard  Ramey (73-75&77-79)
     John Schmader (S-1 & S3 Air, now Brigadier General)
Charles Fletcher (1974-1976)
Jerry L. Lovingwood (Bn CO, LTC)  Kevin P. Brennan (S-1 & S2 sections 1974-76, left as an E-5)
Vernon L. Campbell (CPT S-2)  Ronald Housel (CPT HHC CO)   MAJ Anderson (S-3)
SFC Lewis H. Bradley (1974-5, passed away in 1991 at age of 62)
B-2-48 ( thanks to SGT Robert Briggs for the list)
Sp/4 Berryman (company clerk)
Hq Plt (1973-6): SGT Harrelson, training NCO, Sp/4 Booze, Sp/4 Bradford,
Sp/4Jamerson, Sp/4Hampton, Sp/4 Mortimer (duce and half driver hq plt)
Pfc Jerry Setters Recovery Veh Driver
Sp/4 Mike Fouts (4/73 – mid 75?? in commo, motor pool, then to HHC Co with Red Eye)
Sp/4 Hoppie (combat medic) Sp/4 Foster SFC Glover (maint)
Sp/4 Brock (maint plt) Sp/4 J.Setters (recovery vehicle)
1st Plt: 1st LT. LaFever (plt ldr) Sgt. Darrington Sp/4 K.C.Woods
Sp/4 Burns Cpl Collins Sp/4 C.H.Weise
2nd Plt: SGT Robert M. Briggs (’73-76 & Squad Leader 1st Sq.)
PSG Thurston (74 -75) PSG Naputti (3rd then 2nd plt. 74 – ?)
SGT Sanchez (1st sqd. A team ldr)
CPL. Simmons (1st sqd., B team ldr) PFC. Freeman (M – 16)
PFC Russel (M-113 driver M – 16) Pvt Garza (M -16) Pvt Sosa (M – 16)
PFC McPherson (M -16) Pvt Ortiz (M -203) PFC M. Vitello “Vito”,
2ND.LT. Dennis Lamond (Plt. Ldr)Then XO Sp/4 Bickford (M -203) PFC Reyes (M -60)
Pvt Mendez (M-60), PFC Lutz (M -203) SSG.J.L. Sanchez (72-74)
Sp/4 Walker (3rd sqd M -113 driver) SGT Pender (3rd sqd)
SGT Jerry Walker (2nd sqd) SGT Jess Turner (3rd sqd) PFC Simms, SP/4 Robert Hunter (Fox)
3rd Plt: 2 ND LT. Sorenson (plt ldr) SSG Carter SFC Powell
PFC Severe Pvt Brezinski PFC Blackwell
SSG Washington (3rd plt)
CPT Walter Strothers
CPT Winters CPT Michael E. Ludlow 1 LT Dennis Lamond – Key West, FL
2 LT Parteet 2 LT Williams 2 LT LaFever 2 LT Johnson 1SG Lee
1SG John Downer (Daddy D) NJ  Sp/4 Steven G Truxell OH PFC Mike Taylor OR
SP/4 Byron Van Brocklin WA (Deacesed)  SP/4 Erick Clapp MO
SP/4 James Earl  SP/4 Charles Heim Weiss NY from Isrial
PFC Garza NM PFC Nick Sosa NM CPL Carrol Collins PV-2 Mike McWane
PSG Taylor SSG George Washington Sgt Sanchez SSG Jeffery Lynn Sanchez
PSG Juan Naputti HI from Yap PV2 Robert “Al” Duke MA CPL James Dunbar WA
SP/4 Foster PFC Jeff Clay CA PFC Lester Freeman SC PFC Randy Osborne TX
PFC Robert Allen Russell”Big Bird” TX PFC Jerry Setters CA SGT Dennis Mortimer NV
PFC Pierre R Severe NY SGT Mike Fouts “Frisco Red” CA  SGT Dan Rickels
PFC Patrick O Foley WI SP/4 Emo Daniels KY (Deacesed) PV2 Rodney Bohannon KY
CPL Simmons “Um-Pa” OH SP/4 Sullivan PFC Ortiez SGT Addoms
PV2 William Gaddis TN PV2 Swanger “Pig-Pen” SP/4 Lutz PSG Thurston
PFC McPherson PFC Mike Vitello “Vito” NY SP/4 Kevin Charles Woods “KC” CA
SP/4 Jerry Walker SGT Walker “Blinkey” SGT Jessie L Turner SP/4 Chin Soo korea
SP/4 Hoppie PFC Simms PFC Reyes SFC Glover SGT Harrington
PFC Brezinski “Cool-Breeze” PFC Jerry Setters CA SP/4 Vincent Bickford “Bick” CO
PFC Mendez Pfc Jamie Blackwell SGT Darrington SP/4 Berryman
SP/4 Booze PFC Brewer (Deserted) SP/4 Bradford SP/4 Jamerson   SP/4 Hampton
SGT Lyle Burns WI SSG Powell SGT Pender “Coke-Bottle” SGT Brock
SSG Carter SSG Barnett PV2 Willy SP/6 Hardgrove PFC Chuck Hook
PFC Hill PFC Simms “Chicken Wing” SP/4 Odems
SP/4 Robert Hunter SP/4 Bruce Thompson “BT” PR
SP/4 Tony Rice  SP/4 Cauthrin  SSG Cline  PFC Hicks
PFC Davidson  SSG Miller  SSG Hodges 
  Armando C. Ramos  (CSC Scout Pltoon 1975-77)        Dewey Ball (CSC 1975-6)
    Charles “Toby” or “Sgt. Rock” Tyler (1975-78, also in CSC-GSR)
    Victor Fowler, Support Plt (1970-73, and 1976-79 – see Vic’s memory on memory page) 
Gary Smithey  (Aug.75-Aug.77  M-60 Gunner 3rd Plt. TOW Gunner Wpns Plt then worked for
CSM Sills after live-fire at Graf.) 
    ? Baker (Lt)      Ian Burrell (SGT,  see his photos on the photo page)
? Bustos     ? Ford     “Goforth”     ? Hammrick (SGT)     “Hoggy Wolf”
Randy Kessinger (1st Plt., APC driver)    David Leaderach     ? Pentagrass
? Sandaval    John Schneider     Mark White       Mark Wright
  CSC-2-48 Redeye group (1975-6 timeframe):  
Trygg “Stump” Anderson        Jimmie Bowens        Jessie Calloway
Michael Hight (4/73 to 11/76)          Mike  Fouts (SGT, previously B Co.)
Richard Gilmore          Randy Turner             Calvin “Beef” Williams        Tom Woodell
James Voss (CPT S-2, later took command of Company C, c. 1977.
He retired as a colonel and assigned to NASA.) 
James D. Marr (HHC CO CPT)   “Top”  Davis (HHC 1st SGT)
James Quisenberry (S-1 CPT)     Ted McDonald (MAJ S-3)
Dewey Ball (’75-76, Infantryman, TOW missile gunner, Track Driver, Opns Clerk and Orderly Room clerk) 
see Dewey’s memories on the memories page. 
Tim McCarthy 1976-78
     Medical Plt
     Fernando Rodriguez (Medic, Dec. 1976- April 1981)       SFC Clark     MSG Stewart,
SPC Stewart,       Spc. Gomez,        Spc. Garcia,        WO2 Gibbs      Spc. Walsh,
Spc Smith,           Spc. Avila,             Spc. Rose,          Sgt. Martin
Spc. O`Connor,   Spc. McCarthy,    Spc. Davenport,      Spc. Jean Pierre,
SP5 McDonald    Spc Mitchell Burnette     Sgt Garner     Sgt Thompson
Sgt. Cunningham    SFC Cunningham    SP5 Barry
Commo Section
     William L Cosgrove (Howlin’ Commo Section, 1976 – 78) 
Michael Vitiello (’76-80)
     LTC Paul Kane, (Bn Commander),  CPT James Marr; (later replaced by a CPT Mraz)  MAJ Inderlind,
MAJ Nieubauer; MAJ James Townsend; CPT Spurgeon Moore
     LT Patrick Glovas (the Asst S-3)
LT Sorenson
     Capt Sweat, LT “Deke” Ballard; LT Theodore “Ted” Williams (no relation); 
CPT Winters, CPT Michael Ludlow; LT Dennis Lamonde, LT Dave Lee; LT Dan Bushey 
     Glen Williams ( 3rd Plt Ldr as 2nd Lt, then to a 1st Lt.,  May 1976 – May 1979.
(Glen provided the following names for C Co., thank you Glen)
1 LT Douglas Frasier (1st Platoon then Weapons Platoon Leader),
LT Andrew A. Angalacci (2nd Plt Ldr., retired as a COL and later became XO and Battalion Scout Platoon Leader).
3d Platoon: LT Glenn F. Williams, and PSG SFC Joseph McDowell; SGT Michael Reynolds; SPC Harms;
SPC Pennington; SPC Phipps; SPC Miller; SPC Ripley; SPC Hayes; SGT Adams; PVT Persons;
SGT Wygand; SPC Dobbs; SGT Hudson; SPC Hicks; SGT Cash; PFC Murphy; PFC Nitchels; PFC Uribe;
SPC Alvarez; SPC Gonzalez; SGT Wallace; SPC Jacquez . 
Burnette Mitchell (SP/4 Med Plt, to 1980 – retired as SFC)
    Mike “Squid” Halvorsen (Scout Plt )
Mike Haskett (SFC Ret – Redeye Section 1977-9)     Raab (1st Sgt)   SFC Huebner   Dan Plummer
Jenkins      Hubbard      Parker      Doran     Floyd Kernene (1977-79 Recon Plt.)
Harold Hunt (Plt Sgt in A Co., to B Co. in 1978 as 1st Sgt)
Mark Camp (1st Plt, 8/77 – 5/80  with a short stint in HHC/S-3)  
     Gary McNally (1977-81)    Ed Lomongo (1977-80)
    LTC Lucas, Bn Commander (1977-79),  Vernon Campbell (1977-1979)
Michael Holzer (1977-80)          Steven Campbell (Sq Ldr & Plt Sgt Nov 77 – Nov 79)
Mark Lykens (Feb 77 to July 79.  first assigned to the 2nd platoon,  later in the HQ’s platoon as
CO’s (Cpt Mraz and Cpt Moore) driver.
Earl M. Chambers (1977-1980 retired from the US Army in 1998 as a SFC E-7 from 3rd Infantry Ft. Benning GA.)
Leonard  Ramey (1973-75 & 1977-79)         George Gerbi  (1977-79)
    Michael Love (1978-81) Mech for HHC lived on the 5th floor in top of the hill barracks big room on end, room mates were
Carl Becker, Troy Host, Allen Geddes, all Mech’s 
    Tom Von Kaenel –  ’78-81(CPT)
    Tod Bartistein    Kevin Burke, (Fire Support – FIST)
Melvin E. Case (LTC, Bn. C.O. 1979-81)    Richard “Rick” Gagnier
Marion “Bubba” Mitchell – Platoon Sgt. (SFC)
Allen Nering                 Dave (Doc Rock) Penrod
    Dan Sartin  Jan 79 thru Dec 82. ( C.O. 6/81 to 12/82)
Donald “Whool” Whelihan (drove a 5-ton truck)
Rew E. Williams  (1979-81 SFC ret,)
Don Whelihan (1979-1981, HHC/HHB/HHT Support platoon, drove HQ-413)
David Franz (1979-83 Bn Mail
David Walsh (1979-82)    James “Trey” Thomas, CSC, AT Platoon (1st Section) 
John Triplett (1979-81)
(Bill) William Doray Sp-4. Weapons and later Headquarters platoon, (Aug 1979 – April 1981)
    Kevin Burke (LT ’79-81)    Brian Cade (LT ’79-81)    Greg Ford (’79-81)
    Col Paxton (Bn C.O.)    Kerry Carroll, (Scout Plt, HHC, 1979-82)    Rex Turner (’79-81)
Michael K. Love  (1979-81, mechanic 63c10 HHC)    David Franz (1979-83 Bn Mail Clerk)
Michael Carpenter (Oct 1979 to Dec 1980 with CSC as a Sergeant in the Redeye Section, then with HHC  until Aug of 1982.  
Charles Reeves II (1979 -’82)          Eddie Stanley (1979-’81)
Raymond Briggs
    Raymond Novak (1980-81)
    John Taylor (SGT in HHC 1/48 S-1 from 1980 thru 1989 under FOUR Battalion Commanders!!! LTC David
R. Collins, LTC Richard M. Epting, LTC Robert St-Onge, and finally LTC, LTC John Everson. A Total of
Nine Years in One Battalion.)
Larry Wilson (1980-8, came as an E-3 and left as an E-7 ) 
    Gary Cartwright (Sp/4 1980-82, 2nd & Weapons Plts)
HHC 1-48
    Boyd K. Caudill, Jr. (S-4 Co Supply, Jan 81-July 82)    Shannon Kelly (1981-83)
Michael Cipriano (mechanic 1981-82)
Keith Webster (Weapons Platoon, Sgt. E-5, 1981 to 1983) 
Bobby Coon (CSC-2-48, 1981-1983 when 2/48 re-flagged)
    Ed Coleman (E-4 1981-1982)
    David Collins (Bn Cmdr)
Skip Osgood (113 mechanic, then driver for LTC Walt Mather)
    John Bailey (CSC AT Plt, 79-80 & 82-83) 
E. L. Ivory, (Sgt 1982-84)    Anthony Lopez, (2/Lt , Scout Plt Ldr., 1982-83)
Mark A. Tumminelli (CPT, Company Cdr. 1982-83)
Michael Varela (1/Lt, AT Plt Ldr, 1982-83)
Greg Borden (3d Plt Ldr and Co XO)
Rene Sanchez (1981-1984)
    Joe Sawtelle (Nov 1982 to July or August 83)
    Richard Epting (Major, Bn. C.O. ’83-84)
Larry Donnarummo (Sp4, Maint Plt, through 1986)
Jim Maze (1983-87)
John Meunier (1983-84)
Jerry? Springer (MAJ was initially the S3 and them became the XO)
Doug McCallum (1LT S2)     Mark Hendrix  (1LT S4  followed upon his departure by 1LT Dippold
from Co A)
    David Packer – (Scout Platoon)
John Jackson (Cpt, A Co. C.O. 1983)     Chris Holmes, (3rd Plt Ldr  83 to 84)
John Day Cpt (C.O. 83/84)     Greg Borden (XO)   Greg Dippold  (1LT Plt Ldr)
Bill McGuire (1LT Plt Ldr)        Michael Miller (Sp/4 1983-5)
Paul Harp (2nd plt 1983-1985)
Phil  Neal (1983-6)      Phil Sullivan (1983-5)
James Damron (1983-86)
David Fleig (SSG) Maint Plt
Leroy Abner (Co.C.O. 1984-86  – “The Stage Hands”, Who was “Sweat Master’?)
Wayne Bread (’84-85)    Leif Daddow –  see Leif’s pictures in the photo section
John Manfree (’84-87)
    Roy Truitt
R. Allan Parker ( 1/84 to 8/85 C & D Co., CPT Jackson’s Jeep driver in Charlie Co, and among
duties a Dragon Anti-tank missile and M-60 gunner as well as a fire team leader)
Bob Sumter (Cpt C.O. 84/85)     Darryl Garcia (1984-5) 
David Hill (1984-86)
John Manfre (3/1984 to 2/1987.  AT Plt Ldr E Co and Rifle Plt Ldr & XO for C Co., now a LTC)
   Alex Schaefer (1984-6)
    David Goodwin (’85-89)    Toby Schrader     Kelly Haskin (1985-88)      Chris Holmes ( XO)
Kevin D. Broom (Medical Plt 1985-6)   Steven “Smitty” Smith (1985-88)
Darryl Carnall (1985-87 Mortars)
John Rollins (1985-87)
Larry Mason (2nd Plt of B Co. Bravo Bears through 1989)
Chris Holmes (Co XO)
Rodolfo P. Francisco (SSG, July 85- Dec 87)
Michael Malcomb (1985 – 87)
Fred Schwarz  (Bn S-1 1986-87)
Matt Sayers (’86-89)     Robert Roberts (’87-89, Maintenance Teams turret mechanic)
Scott O’Neal  (HHC 1/48 started 1986 as PV2 in S-1 PAC. ended as SGT Sqd Ldr in Scout Plt by 1989)
Michael Digaetano (’86-89)
Dawson Moyers 
Patrick S. O’Mahoney (Plt Ldr, 3rd Plt, later to E Co in ’88 as 2nd Plt Ldr & XO)
Donald Murrah (1986-89, now MSG)
David Priode (Sgt. later D-4-18 1986-1991 and Desert Storm)
Lee Ward (1986-90 TOW gunner)
John Everson (Bn C.O.)
Brian Murphy (Asst S-3, Scout Platoon Leader, and S-3 Liaison to 1989)
Travis Sinnard  (S-1 Section) and B-1-48    Robert St.Onge (Bn C.O.)
Jim Hotchkiss (Medic, Sp/4, 1987-89, also served in A & D companies)
 Scott Minichiello  (Plt Ldr & HHC Liaison Officer)     David Keefer
   Pete Presley (SSG/SFC Sqd Ldr/Plt Sgt    A 1/48-4/18   1987-1990)
     Clay Freeman (2nd Plt 1987-89)
Matt McWilliams (2nd Plt 1987-89)
Fred Schwarz (Co. C.O. 1987-89 “Cougar 6”)
    Samuel A. Piazza (1987-1988 as a TOW Gunner, then as a Hummvee driver for Brian Haig
from 1988-1990 in HHC 1/48 Inf redesignated as 4/18 Inf.)
Kemp Chester (’88-90,  Bn S-2, now MAJ)
 Richard Harbaugh ( CSC Scout/Commo 1988-89)
James Harper (Commo Section)
Charles Howell (Battalion Chaplain, 10 Dec 1988 until Bn inactivation 16 June 1989 –
see his photo of Bn personnel on the photo page)
Mark D. Mello  (SSG/SFC 1988-91, now MSG)
Terry Siegler (CW2 Bn Maintenance Technician)
John Kelly (1988-91, later 4/18th Desert Storm)
Randy Martin (1988-90)
1989  (1/48th Infantry was inactivated at Gelnhausen on 16 June 1989.  See photo of the last Command and Staff personnel on the photos page)   
Robert St. Onge, Jr. (LTC, was the last 1/48th Infantry Commander and he served as
the Bn CDR when it was 4/18th Inf. until March 1990.  Now retired as Major General)
CSM Arthur Harvey
Joseph Prysbyzewski, (CPT, Battalion Motor Officer – BMO) 
    Michael  Aquino (SFC  BN Motor Sgt)
David Stapleton, (LT S1 – now MAJ)
Joel Hardin (CPT S2)
Brian Haig, 
James  Hampton  (MSG NCOIC Combat Trains)
    Darin Seiber  (SPC. Support Platoon, 1989-1991)
Medic Platoon:
    Larry  Adkins (PFC  Scout Medic)   Arturo Aceved (SGT SN Medic D Co)
Marc  Wilson (PFC   Medic Mort Plt   { now 1st LT})
Bowden  Barnes  (SFC  Medic)    Dominick  Bates (PFC  Medic)
Kenneth  Burton (PFC  Medic)    Curt  Doucette (PFC  Medic)
Michael Fernandez  (PFC  Medic)    Gergory  Fontain (SGT  SN Medic Aco)
Jason  Gilleland (SPC  SN Medic Mort Plt)
Wesley  Malone (SGT  SN Medic C Co)    Ronald  Peters (SGT  SN Medic  B Co)
Anthony Knight (SSG  BAS NCOIC {SN EMT NCO})
Cha  Sotiwong  (SGT  EMT NCO)    Kenneth  McQueen  (PFC  Medic)
Richard  Herbert (SGT   Evac NCOIC)    Leo  Mcguckin  (SGT  Evac NCO)
Eugene  Tomlin  (PFC  Medic)    Gordon  Mattimoe(PFC  Medic)
Thomas  Schenller (PFC  Medic)    Welker  (PFC  Medic)
Corbin  (SPC  Medic  Attached from Med, CMB,)
Stafford (SGT  SN MEDIC Attached from MED, CMB,)
Sean  Gilpin  (SPC  Medic)    Joe  Richard  (CW  BN PA)
Hillman  (PFC  Medic)    Chad  Larsen (PFC  Medic)    Lee  Lance (SGT  SN Medic  HHC)
Danny  Thompson  (CW  SN PA)     Anthony  Vargus (CW  SN PA)     Crosby (PFC  Medic)
Michael  Piacentini    (LT   Med Plt Ldr)    Danny  Moore  (PFC  Medic)
James  Hanley  (SPC  Medic)    Brian C Chambers    (SSG  Med Plt Sgt)
Jason  Schilling  (PFC  Medic)    Mark  Harr (MSG)     
David Pilcher, (CPT Co. Cdr)   
    Sidney Goins, (SFC, now retired)
Frederic “Ric” Soules, A-1-48, (MSG-1SG – now retired)
    Mark Hayhurst, (CPT, Co. Cdr,  now LTC retired)
Willie Crockett, SFC (now SGM Crockett)    Eric Ejolfson (?) (PFC)
Eddie Gould SSG (now Capt Gould)    Mark  D. Hayhurst (B Co. C.O.)
John Henson (B Co. 1st Sgt.)    John Irvin (MSG-1SG – now Retired)
Joseph Krebs 1LT (now Capt Krebs)    Dave Lewis  (SFC 1st Sgt)
Brett Oltjen (PFC)    Nabol Paz Soto ( SFC)    Anthony Phillips  (B Co. C.O.)
John Santiago (SFC, now retired from Ft. Lewis)
Tom Long  (CPT Co. Cdr;) 
Kenneth Burstein, (CPT Co. Cdr;)  
Mark Matrice (CPT Co. Cdr.)