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A message from a past commander of the 1st Bn, 48th Infantry, LTC Michael Lipinski:

Upon assuming command of the 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment on 18 June 2004, I was pleased to learn that a solid relationship had been established with veterans of the regiment.  We are aware of the high standards Dragoons have set as evidenced by preparedness for combat in World War One; a Presidential Unit citation, Belgian Fourragere, congressional Medal of honor, and 3 distinguished Service Crosses in World War Two; and 31 years of successful deterrent action with the 3rd Armored Division in Europe during the Cold War.  This living connection with our predecessors strengthens our commitment to uphold the fine traditions of the United states Army and the 48th Infantry Dragoons in particular.
Should any Dragoon veteran visit the Fort Leonard Wood area, I invite them to call on your successors, and visit our headquarters building, Building 625.  We would be delighted to be your hosts.
Dragoons do not fail those with whom they serve,
Michael J. Lipinski
Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry
Commander (June 2004 to June 2006)
1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment

48th Infantry veterans are very pleased to know the Dragoons are once again proudly serving our nation at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, training about 5000 soldiers per year, primarily for the Combat Service Support branches.  They have received a number of historical artifacts of the regiment from World War One to modern times. Additional items I am sure would be welcome. 

The current organization is four companies A through D, each with an average of 184 soldiers assigned with 12 Drill Sergeants, Commander, 1SG, XO, Training NCO, Supply Sergeant and Armorer in each.  These companies are designed to train a maximum of 200 soldiers (gender integrated) per 9 week cycle.  The need’s of the Army always comes first, and  companies often will have 220 trainees assigned (especially during the summer).  A Major is the Executive Officer, and the S3 shop consists of a 1LT and a MSG.  A CSM is the senior NCO, and a small personal action center is run by a SFC who doubles as the adjutant.  One of the company supply sergeants doubles as the S4.

Carl Erickson (2-48, 1962-1964) has made two visits to the 1-48th at Ft Wood. The first was for a  for a change of command ceremony in June, 2000.  The second was in March 2007 to be guest speaker on 48th history at a Dining In.

To see the regiment’s historical collection in Dragoon Headquarters at Fort Wood click here

To learn more about the 1st Battalion, check out their web site at: