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My Image FileThis is the present 48th Infantry Coat of Arms, consisting of the shield and crest.

SHIELD: A Belgian lion rampart in gold represents the organization's actions in the Ardennes and at St. Vith, for which it was cited twice in the Order of the Day of the Belgian Army. The wavy chevron in the top left is for descent from personnel of the 9th Infantry.

CREST: Two Teutonic hunting horns on a wreath alluding to the German battle honors of WWII

(Source: INFANTRY, Part. 1: Regular Army, by  John K. Mahon & Romana  Danysh. In The Army Lineage Series. Office of the Chief of Military History, United states Army, Washington, DC:  1972. Pp. 669-74. Library of Congress Catalog No. 74-610219, Dewey Decimal System GOV REF 356.1109 M216.)

The image above is a scan of a blazer crest bought from Wolfgang Fischer's shop in Gelnhausen in 1964.   

My Image File The shield of the coat of arms was originally approved for the 48th Infantry Regiment in 1921 as depicted at left.  

The shield was was modified and amended and the crest added in 1958.  (Source: "Lucky Seventh")  The motto DRAGOONS is logical, as Dragoons were heavy mounted infantry. 






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This shield with the lighter blue background
is reputed to be German made.






My Image File The shield of the 48th Armored Infantry Regiment of World War Two







My Image File This shield is noteworth as the lion and upper left square were cast separately
then affixed to the shield.  Who and when made it is unknown at this time.  If
you can let me know, please contact me.






The following are a series of shields in the collection of Jim Chorazy.

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The shield with the "2" on top would denote 2nd Bn. The one on the right is a modern shield as is used by the 1st Bn at Ft. Wood.   


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