R. Rodriguez

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Rodobaldo German Rodriguez was stationed at Coleman Kaserne from 1957-58 with C co. 2nd ARB 48th Infantry.

My Image File This photo of Rodobaldo was taken shortly before the Oct 1957 re-designation of the division's 29th Armored Infantry Battalion  as  the 2nd Bn 48th Infantry. Note that Rodobaldo wears the 3rd AD patch and the shield of the 29th AIB on hisMy Image File   Overseas Cap.  As the 29th, the battalion was known as Dragoons also.


Below is a photo of C company, 3rd Platoon members in front of their M-59.  Note that at the time, their M-1s had not yet been replaced by M-14s.





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These are some great photos taken very soon after reflaging to 2nd ARB, 48th Inf.  Note the M-59s have their new unit designations painted on the fenders, but troops have not yet received the 48th DUI to wear.  Note also the unit designation as 3triangle-48-I, which was later changed to 2-I-48, and the 2-C-3 which was later changed to C-23.

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But it was not all work as evidenced by the smile and civies.  Maybe it is ticket home for discharge that he is carrying?  CCB Hq building at Colemand Kaserne is in the background.

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How it all started for Rodolbaldo; The Reception Station at Fort Dix.  Click on the small image for a large version.

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