1/48th at Worms

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When attached to the  7th Army from 1958 to 1963, the 1st Battalion was stationed at Taukkunen Kaserne in the city of Worms, Germany on the Rhine River. 1/48 was part of the 7th Army strategic reserves, 4th Armored Group, as is documented in the history  Seventh Army Composition, June 1958, (7th Army Annual History, 1958).  It lists units attached to the 4th Armored Group in June 1958 which provided a heavy armored punch as follows: 

UNITS  OF 4TH ARMORED GROUP      HOME STATION COMMENTS Thanks  to Walter Elkins (webmaster of US Army, Germany site)
HHC, 4th Armor Group Gibbs Ksn, Frankfurt  The 4th Armored Group was deactivated 1 April 1963
1st Armd Rifle Bn, 48th Inf Worms  probably personnel of former 746th AIB
3rd Armd Rifle Bn, 50th Inf Camp Wildflecken, Wildflecken  probably former 373rd AIB
2nd Hv Tank Bn, 33rd Armd Hanau   
3rd Med Tank Bn, 35th Armd Mannheim  probably former 510th Tank Bn
3rd Med Tank Bn, 37th Armd  Schweinfurt   


This photo from Howard Thomas shows B Co. 1/48  in the winter of 1960 in front of the barracks at Worms.

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The following pages on this site relate the story of the Dragoons in Worms through personal experiences, historical documents, and photos. The contents are:


  • Memories of those Dragoons who served at Worms  1/48 Memories of Worms
  • Photos of Dragoon Troopers in and around the Kaserne, on equipment, and in the field contributed by:

        Roger Sheppard (HHC, 1959-60, drove courier jeep & 106mm Recoilless Rifle Crew)
            Photos of Dragoons around post How many do you know?

       Collins Smith (1960-61) In addition to being a regular Dragoon trooper, served in the Battalion Band.  See his photos of the band which complement his memories.

        Ron McCreary (B Co. AR & Commo, Sp/4 1961-63) and 
        Frank Seely  (B Co. MG and APC driver Sp/4, M-59’s and M-113s)
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             First page:  –  Photos on post of fellow Dragoons, and swimming the Rhine in M-59s

             Second page – Photos and news articles about the tragic Rhine crossing accidents

       Howard Thomas (1960-62) Howard contributed a large number of excellent photos taken at Graf, in the field, in the barracks, and on post.  He started out as an M-59 APC driver for B34 and later transferred to the maintenance section.   See Howard’s photos. 

        Peter Caragonne (HHC,  Feb 1961 to Sep 62, 106mm Recoilless Rifle support) 
            Click on  photos , more are on the way.

       Frank Falcone/Lapiana  (B Co. 1961- 1964) Frank contributed some nice photos and a map of the post with the various buildings identified. Click here to see

       Ronald  Stone (HQ Co. 1961- 1964) Good photos in and around Graf, the motor pool, and the floating bar/dance hall on the Rhine of "Stoney" and others.  See photos 

    • Taukkunen Kaserne, home of the 1-48 in Worms; History, layout, and photos
    • Remembering Worms  

         Pictures have been contributed by Peter Carragonne and Roger Sheppard which are sure 
         to bring back memories of old times. Worms Photos 

         Photos of a 1/48 Beer Stein 1/48WormsStein.  Anyone know the name on the Stein?


Capt Roger Bolt  was attached in 1960. Does anyone remember him? His son would like to 
hear from you. Contact Carl.