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Korean_Camp_Roberts_A_Co_48th_AIB_booklet.jpg (2095229 bytes)Still designated as Armored Infantry Battalions (AIB) of the 7th Armored Division, with the rest of the division they were activated 24 November 1950 at Camp Roberts, California. (Camp Roberts is between San Francisco  and Los Angeles on US 101)There they served as the cadre and Drill Instructors for newly inducted trainees into the Army.  The 7th Armored Div adopted a Divisional training system, whereby each Battalion maintained its identity with trainees, but cooperated in various training areas through Divisional committees; General Subjects, Weapons, Tactics, Battle Indoctrination, and Rifle. Combat Command "A" was the first to organize within the 7th AD.  

It consisted of a Headquarters and Headquarters Company, the 23rd and 38th AIBs (2nd and 1st Bn's 48th Inf) and the 17th Medium Tank Battalion. Its mission was to "(a) to produce soldiers grounded in military basic subjects branch inmaterial and (b) to produce qualified infantrymen capable of performing their duties in combat areas, occupational areas, and Zone of the Interior".  All enlisted cadre initially quartered and rationed with Company A, 23rd AIB while preparing their own areas to receive troops.  On 29 Nov 1950 the first trainees arrived from Fort Ord, CA.  96 men were delegated to a six-week training cycle, and one hundred fourteen for a fourteen week cycle.  By 31 Dec 1950 strength had grown to 72 Officers, 265 cadre, and 2,540 trainees.

My Image File 1951 saw frequent changes to command and staff within CCA.  The CCA commander changed three times in the year, and the 23rd AIB had five different commanders in the year.  Despite this turnover CCA completed twenty-seven training cycles during the twelve months of 1951. Trainee personnel completing these basic training cycles numbered 5,854;  the 38th AIB 2017, the 17th MTB 1988, and the 23rd AIB 1849.


My Image File In recognition of it good work in 1951 training, the unit received a "superior" KoreanBarracksInsp.jpg (202447 bytes)in its annual inspection.  Distinguished visitors to their training included Secretary of the Army Pace, and Gen. Mark Clark.  When the Korean War ended, the units were inactivated on 15 Nov 1953 at Camp Roberts. 



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