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Receiving 1/48th (P) Bn colors.  Major Arthur D. Moreland, assumes command of the Spearhead unit.  Presenting him with the colors is 1st Sgt Samuel Jesse, Bn Sgt Major, as color guardsman Sp4 Brian R. Willis looks on.

Gelnhausen – Major Arthur D. Moreland assumed command of the 1st ARB, 48th Infantry (P) this week.  The new commander accepted the colors of the battalion from his new sergeant major, 1st Sgt Samuel Jesse.
    Conducted in the Braves Theater, this command ceremony featured unfurling new guideons for each of the companies of the unit; a presentation on the heritage of the unit by 1st Lt. Van D. Booth; and a talk by Major Moreland
    In his presentation, to the battalion, the commander emphasized teamwork as essential to maintaining the esprit of the unit.  "As a team, we can't be beat", he said.  Projecting the future of the battalion, Major Moreland discussed training, the Expert Infantry Badge and off duty plans for the unit.  Among the things that rated applause from the men, was his decision to provide transportation for members of the unit wishing to come to Frankfurt on pass Friday and Saturday evenings.
    Major Moreland entered the Army in 1951 from Syracuse University.  He holds a master degree in Central and Middle European History from Fordham University.  The major has served with infantry units in CONUS and the Far East.  Prior to assuming command of the 1st ARB, he had been XO of the 2d ARB, 48th Inf.


My Image File SWIMMING – A cement bottomed duck pond by their battalion headquarters has been converted into a still water training site for training track drivers of the 2d ARB, 48th Inf.  Until recently the unit had been using Campo Pond for such training.  During the testing, it was found that the pond was ideal for the intended training.  (The idea for using the duck pond for this training came from a Capt. Angelo T. Zandiotis the S3 of the 2/48th.)  The only protest has come from the post's two ducks who put up a quack about the invasions.  Pictured above, Capt Herbert L. Renkin TC and Sp4 James W. Summers, driver, take their track for a run through the new training pond  – Army Photo by Bonds.


MOVING IN UNISON  during a bayonet demonstration are infantrymen from the 2d ARB 48th Inf.  The 
Spearheaders received a standing ovation from spectators for their display.  And below, from Jim McClay, 
his souvenir of Dragoon Day, 1960.

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If you saw the Soviet Military Mission people G2ing the red arrow route shown in 
Jim's picture, we were to follow instructions on our SMLM cards.