Scott Gregory Personal Diary

Personal History by Scott Gregory


I deployed to Saudi Arabia on the night of the 4th of Jan 1991 actually very early morning on the 5th of Jan. 1991.  We flew over in a C-130 or a C-141 and satin web type seats shoulder-to-shoulder to the guy next to you and face-to-face from the guy across from you. Uncomfortable. 

From there we ended up at the MGM (Khobar Towers) for a couple of weeks.  There I heard the explosion and saw the flash of the very first Patriot take down an Iraqi Scud when the air war started…Loud, very LOUD!!!!!!!

From there we went to the desert and I pulled guard duty very often, I think I pulled guard about 23 hours a day.. or so it seemed.  I got a good break pretty often by pulling security on ammo runs and accompanying Phil Pendleton (who I talk with on occasion), to all the Log Bases, I remember it would take about 3 to 4 days round trip each time.  I got too take a lot of pictures.

The war kicked off and the next three days cruised by in a blur.  I remember Iraqi's giving up as we passed in formation.

After the ground war we ended up moving between Iraq and Kuwait for about two months. We occupied assembly areas by the oil field fires often.  Some days the sun didn't seem like it came out because of all the fires burning and the smoke was so thick you could actually look at the sun at noon and barely see it.

I got lucky again and ended up driving for 1LT Bevelaqua (He was later promoted to CPT)  Capt Bevelaqua and I went back to Saudi Arabia and started setting up a redeployment area for the rest of the Battalion to occupy while we prepared to redeploy to Germany.  CPT Bevelaqua and I had some pretty good times that month or so. We had to get things straight to the Battalion.

I often wonder what happened too him and how he is.

I ended up staying in the army for almost ten years. After the war, I was stationed at The National Training Center (NTC) Ft. Irwin, Ca for about two and a half years.  I was then stationed at Ft. Hood for almost six or so years.  I was an E-5 (P), until I turned down Recruiting duty for numerous reasons and decided to get out. 

All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with the way things
turned out.

Be cool!!!!!

Scott Gregory
HHC, 5-18 INF
Desert Shield/Desert Storm