Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Neely, Harold LTC Retired as a LTC in 1995.  As of 2003, working as an Operations Officer for Combat Service Associates (CSA) in Kuwait.
BN Cdr’s HMMWV Driver Sergent, Jerry SPC  
BN Cdr’s BFV (HQ66) Gunner Ronco, SPC Information from one source indicates Ronco was killed in an auto accident sometime prior to 1994.
BN Cdr’s BFV (HQ66) Driver    
Battalion Executive Officer Sittnick, Thomas MAJ  
BN XO’s HMMWV Driver Davis, Jeff SPC  
BN XO’s BFV (HQ77) Driver Hatch, David L. PFC S1 Clerk, drove an ORF BFV
Command Sergeant Major Thompson, CSM  
CSM’s HMMWV Driver Barnes, Joe SPC Promoted to SGT after cease fire.
S1 Solem, Greg 1LT  
Asst. S1 Sarvis, Ronz 1LT  
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief) Coleman, Samuel SFC  
S1 PSNCO Tucker, Timothy SGT
S1 Section Curry,  Ed SPC 
S1 Section Graig, SPC  
S1 Section Hatch, David PFC Assigned to the Field Trains.
S1 Section Edison, Steven PFC 11H, assigned to the Combat Trains security element.
S1 Section Smith, Robert A. PFC Awards Clerk, drove HQ
S1 Section Gehr, Alfred SGT 11H NCOIC of the Combat Trains security element.
S1 Section    
S1 Section Bailey, Gregory L. SPC 11H, assigned to the Combat Trains security element.
S1 Section Taylor, Malcolm SGT “Mike”,  11M
S2 – Intelligence Officer Fauconnet, Laurance CPT Left active duty in 1994.  Remained in Reserves and recalled to active duty in 2003 w/ 5th SFG in Baghdad.  Retired in 2008 as a LTC.  Working in Atlanta, GA for AT&T.
Asst. S2 BICC Weaver, 2LT  
Asst. S2    
S2 NCOIC Campbell, MSG  
S2 Intel NCO Bergami, SGT  
S2 Intel Specialist Irizarry, Kenneth PFC
S2 Intel Analyst    
S3 – Operations Officer Mclean, French MAJ  
S3 – HMMWV (HQ3) Driver Anderson, Darnell PFC  
S3 – BFV (HQ33) Gunner    
S3 – BFV (HQ33) Driver    
Assist. S3    
Assist. S3 Air    
S3 NCOIC McClanahan, Dexter MSG
S3 Section Merritt, SFC  
S3 Section Trottman, SFC  
S3 Section Maxwell, SFC Battalion Master Gunner.
S3 Section    
S3 Section – M577 Driver    
S3 Section – Assist. S3 HMMWV Driver    
Liaison Officer (LNO)  Youngblut, Adam 1LT ETS’d in 1992.  1LT Youngblut passed away from cancer in 1994.
Liaison Officer (LNO)    
Air Liaison Officer    
S4 – Logistics Officer Taylor, Michael CPT


Fussner, CPT

On 21 March 91 CPT Taylor & CPT Fussner switched jobs.
Asst. S4 Bevelaqua, 1LT Came from the 8th ID.


Promoted to CPT after cease fire.

S4 NCOIC Frazier, SFC  
S4 – BN Ammo NCO Pendleton, Phillip SPC
S4 Section Hafer, SPC Drove for the Ammo NCO.
S4 Section Nickels, SGT


Rome, Nick SPC



SPC Rome drove for the S4.

S4 Section Donegan, Chris SPC


Gray,   PFC



PFC Gray was the M-577 driver, also drove for the S4.  Killed on autobahn in Aug 91.

S4 Section Gregory, Scott  PFC Provided Pictures – check out the DS Pictures Page.  ETS’d in 1999; joined Reserves as a PAO.  Currently (2009) working as a fire sprinkler fitter foreman in St. Louis, MO.
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Toth, Scott CPT  
BN Signal NCOIC Covington, Norman SFC  
BN COMSEC Custodian    
BN Chemical Officer    
BN Chemical NCOIC    
Legal NCO Theriault, Daniel B. 71D, transferred from Wildflicken shortly before deployment, then returned after return to Europe.
Physician’s Assistant Morton, Anthony 1LT  
Chaplain Nelson, Gerald CPT  
Chaplain’s Assistant Duff, SPC