Bobby Cameron Personal Diary

Personal History by SGT Bobby J. Cameron

I was a turret mechanic for HHC 5/18 from 89-91. I was attached to the scout platoon during Desert Storm as a dismount scout, and assisted them with maintaining the weapon systems in the platoon. I was  with the Scouts during the advanced party, Desert Shield /Desert Storm and after the cease fire sweeping our sector. I returned to the maintenance platoon during redeployment to inspect, repaired, and prepared our vehicles to be left behind.  I then waited to go back to Germany with everyone else. Here is a photo of me taken by  SPC Glass.  I believe it was taken a few days before the Ground War. List me on the Spartan Battle Roster with the Scout Platoon, those few months with the Scouts were the greatest and proudest days of my 11 years in the military.      

P.S  I received the liberation of Kuwait Medal from the Saudi government but never received the one from the country of Kuwait. can you check on that for me? I got out of the army in 1993, after spending two years assigned with the opposing forces stationed at the National Training Center, but they still hadn't issued the medals to us at that time. I would like to have the medals for my sons.

I ran into CPT Cloy when I was  there at the NTC. He was a Spartan during Desert Storm!  

Thanks,  Spartan kill tanks!

ex-Sgt Bobby J Cameron

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