Tim Hale Personal Diary

Personal History by SPC Timothy E. Hale

I am Tim Hale, formerly SPC Tim Hale, D/5-18 IN Company Medic and Battalion Aid Medic.  Assigned to 5-18 from May 89 to Sep 91.  Most of my recollection from the pre-Deploy was the rush of events.  It was Dec and we had recently arrived back from Hohenfels (backfills for 4-67 AR Medics) and I was essentially told on a Friday to pack my gear and be ready to go on Sunday.  I packed up, got ready, called home and talked to my girlfriend and then my
folks.  It was all kind of exciting.  SGT Henrique Maia and I were the Brigade Advon medics.  We sent our 2-litter Ambulance down to be loaded on to the ship, and then we moved out by air.  I remember arriving in Saudi and it
was steaming hot on the airfield.  We began to sweat like pigs and began clearing the tarmac of our gear.  Eventually we would move to a "tent city" until the 31st of Dec.  By that time we had our ambulance and the rest of the Advon contingent.  1 Jan 91 we began to roll up pipeline road on our way to King Khalid Military Community/City.  I knew it as KKMC.  We spent a few weeks out in the middle of no-where.  At least until the rest of the battalion and brigade showed up.

Its late so I'll write more later.

SPC Timothy E. Hale
HHC/5-18th IN