David Tannehill Personal Diary

Personal History by David Tennehill

Let me tell you about my deployment to Saudi Arabia. But first I'll tell you my job. I was in A co., 3d platoon, 4th squad, and I was a dismount soldier. We had Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and I carried an M203. Well now for the story of the trip there to Saudi. I had just returned from the U. S. getting a divorce from my first wife. This was in October of 1990. It was during the evening while I was on duty. We had known that we would end up going, but we were waiting for orders. Well the orders came, and we were to leave in January I believe. A couple of months later we found out that some of us would be leaving sooner do to circumstances mounting in the gulf, and they needed people to help unload our vehicles off of the boats. I was one of the
individuals chosen to go. We were to leave around New Years. Well on December 12 we were told that we were leaving in two weeks. So we just kept on getting ready. On the same day we were told that the day was moved back to one week. Then an hour or so later we were told that we would leave the next day, and then we were told that it would be that night, and it was. All of this was in one day. It was freezing cold that night. In fact it snowed like crazy, and when we landed in Saudi it was at least
100 degrees. Well this is one story and I'll send more.  Let me know what else you would like to know. 

I was an E4 then and now I have a degree in medical science, and work with mentally retarded men in the area of my degree.

David Tennehill