2-67 Armor Battalion Commanders

Battalion Commanders

Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks
LTC Stephen E Wilson June 86 to Jan 88 Battalion Commander when the Iron Dukes changed from 3-32 Armor to 2-67Armor. 


The battalion turned in theM60A3 & transitioned to the M1-IP. 

LTC Charles C Campbell Jan 88 to Jan 90 Known as "Hondo" Campbell. The battalion turned in the M1-IP & transitioned to the M1A1.


Commanded a Brigade in the 2 Infantry Division  – Korea


LTC Daniel Merritt Jan 90 to 92 Desert Storm Commander
LTC Ted Kostich Jan 92 to Oct 94  
Michael D. Jones Oct 94 to Oct 96  
LTC David A Niedringhaus 97-? The last 2-67 Iron Duke Commander prior to the Battalion change to 2 37 Armor.


Company Commanders

Name (with photo if available)    


Years  Remarks

Cpt Tony Collins

June 86 Served as the commander of A/3-32 Armor Commander when 3 32 became  2 67


Served as Battalion S-3 after command

Cpt Calvin Simmons  ? Served as C/3-32 Armor Commander 
Cpt R Luchsinger  ?  1SG W. Pike, 1SG Horne, 1SG Garrett
Cpt Steven Antrobus  89-90  
Cpt Kelly Fisk  May 90-91  Desert Storm commander
A Company    
Cpt R Luchsinger June 86 to ? Commander when 3 32 became 2 67
Cpt R Bourgault ? Served as DSCC after command


1SG Mcguire

Cpt Joe Johnson ? Served as S-4 prior to command


1SG Mcguire, 1SG Supulski

Cpt Art Degroat ?  
Cpt Rocky Heatherly ? Desert Storm Commander

B Company


B company task organizes with 1 36/ 5 18 Infantry

Cpt Jeff Hewlett June 86 to April 87 Commander when 3 32 became 2 67


Turned in M60 A3 & transitioned to M1-IP  July 86

1SG Perl

Cpt Kevin Colson April 87 to March 89

Company shot high tank company during 4 straight Grafenwohr Tank Qualifications Gunneries.

Turned in M1-IP & transitioned to M1A1  Aug 1988

1SG Perl, 1SG W. Pike, 1SG L. Perez

Cpt Craig Carson March 89 to ??  
Cpt Gavula


Desert Storm Commander

C Company    
Cpt Bill Risse June 86 to ?? Served in the S-3 shop prior to command. Serve as S-4 after command


Commander when 3 32 became 2 67

1SG Mills

Cpt D Leigh ? Served as S-1 & in the 3rd BDE S-3 prior to command 


1SG Mills

Cpt Tom Arial ? Served in the S-3 Shop prior to command


Desert Storm Commander – Changed command in Kuwait after the cease fire

Cpt Wayne Lowe 19 March 91- 17 Sept 92 Served on the S-3 Staff


Assumed command in Kuwait

After Command served on the Brigade Staff

D Company    
Cpt C Horn ? Commander  when  3 32 became 2 67
1SG Norris
Cpt Jeff Lamb Dec 86 to June 88

Later commanded HHC 3rd Bde, 3 AD June 88 to July 89

Served as Small Group Instructor at the AOAC

1SG Norris

Cpt Kelly Fisk ? Served as BMO prior to command


2 Platoons qualified as 3 AD CG Honor platoons

Cpt Rodriquez ? Desert Storm Commander