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  The 2 Battalion 67th Armor was activated in June 1986 in the 3rd Brigade 3rd Armored Division, Ray Barracks, Friedberg Germany.  The 2 Battalion 67th Armor continued to serve with the 3 Brigade, 3 Armored Division through Desert Storm. In May 1991, while still in Kuwait, the Battalion was transferred to the 1st Brigade 3rd Armored Division to serve as deterrent to further aggression. Upon returning to  Friedberg Germany, the 2 Battalion 67th Armor was assigned to the 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division. On 21 February 1997, the 2 Battalion 67th Armor was deactivated & the 2nd Battalion 37th Armor was activated in its place and continues to serve today as the Iron Dukes !!


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2 Battalion 67th Armor History

Constituted 24 March 1923 in the Regular Army as Company B, 19th Tank Battalion, Heavy

Redesignated 1 September 1929 as Company B, 2d Tank Regiment

Redesignated 31 October 1932 as Company B, 67th Infantry (Medium Tanks)

Activated 5 June 1940 at Fort Benning Georgia, as an element of the 2d Armored Division

Redesignated 15 July 1940 as Company B, 67th Armored Regiment

Transferred in June 1944 from 1st Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment, to 2d Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment

Disbanded 25 March 1946 at Camp Hood, Texas

Reconstituted 6 February 1947 in the Organized Reserves and redesignated as Troop B, 321st Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron

Activated 21 February 1947 at Boston, Massachusetts

(Organized Reserves redesignated  in 1948 as the Organized Reserve Corps)

Redesignated 21 October 1948 as Company B, 304th Armored Cavalry Regiment

Inactivated 31 July 1950 at Boston, Massachusetts

Redesignated 17 August 1950 as Company B, 57th Medium Tank Battalion: concurrently withdrawn from the Organized Reserve Corps and allotted to the Regular Army

Activated 10 November 1950 at Fort Hood, Texas.

Redesignated 1 April 1953 as Company B, 57th Tank Battalion

Redesignated 1 April 1957 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2d Medium Tank Battalion (Patton), 67th Armor, and assigned to 4th Armored Division; transferred (less personnel and equipment) from Germany to Fort Hood, Texas and reorganized (organic elements concurrently constituted and activated)

Redesignated 1 July 1963 as 2d Battalion, 67th Armor; concurrently relieved from assignment to the 4th Armored Division, assigned to 2d Armored Division; transferred (less personnel and equipment) from Germany to Fort Hood, Texas, and reorganized

Inactivated at Fort Hood, Texas 

Relieved 16 June 1986 from assignment to 2d Armored Division; concurrently assigned to 3d Armored Division and activated in Germany using personnel and equipment from the 3d Battalion, 32d Armor

Relieved 16 October 1991 from assignment to 3d Armored Division; concurrently assigned to 1st Armored Division

Inactivated 16 February 1997 in Germany and relieved from assignment to the 1st Armored Division with all personnel and equipment being transferred to the 2d Battalion, 37th Armor


For more detailed information on 2d Battalion’s participation in Operation Desert Storm, see the “3d Brigade in Desert Storm” part of this website.