2000 Visit

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My Image File Carl Erickson accepted the invitation extended to all veterans of the 48th to attend the 1-48th change of command ceremonies from LTC de Graff to LTC Haskins, which was held on 20 June 2000.  He took the following photographs during his visit.

At left is the signpost in front of battalion headquarters.  The photo was taken on the last day of  LTC de Graff’s command, and reflected him as the battalion commander.


After taking a tour of the battalion area, LTC de Graff spent close to an hour chatting in his office with Carl about the battalion, past and present.   (The 41st Infantry guideon on the wall was a memoir of one of LTC de Graff’s previous postings).  LTC de Graff showed Carl the battalion classroom with the Dragoon shield prominently displayed on the wall of the stage.  At a battalion dinner on the evening of 19 June, Carl presented LTC de Graff the plaque shown here on behalf of all Dragoon veterans in appreciation for his leadership of the battalion and also his strengthening of ties between the active duty battalion, and its veterans.  




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The Change of Command on the morning of 20 June started with the battalion marching onto the field with colors flying.  The drill instructors wore there traditional campaign hats, in this case with a clear plastic cover due to the light rain.  The regimental colors were passed from LTC de Graff to LTC Haskins, who addressed the Dragoons and guests.  Following the ceremony, there was a reception at which a feature was the Dragoon cake pictured above.!

It was a great visit.  Carl encourages any Dragoon veteran to stop in and visit the battalion when in the area of Ft. Wood MO.