Alpha Company (pure, TF 5-5 CAV)

Alpha Company (pure, TF 5-5 CAV)

Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (A66) Doak, Victor E. CPT Living in Norway as of January 2003
CDR’s Gunner Johnson, Jerome SGT Company Master gunner
CDR’s Driver Cook, Lewis SPC  
CDR’s HMMVW Driver Morris, Larry  
Executive Officer Earls, Kenneth 1LT  
First Sergeant Bennett, James 1SG 1SG throughgroundwar, then 1SG Mack
First Sergeant Mack, Elijah 1SG Became 1SG after ceasefire
1SG’s Driver Armstrong, Tommy PFC  
Supply Sergeant Brown, Wilbert SSG  
Commo Sergeant Johnson, Jimmie SSG  
NBC NCO Townley, Timothy SPC  
Position/Rank Unknown    

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A11) Shebuski, Jay “Duck” 2LT  
Gunner (A11) Miles, SGT  
Driver (A11) Keech, Jeff PFC  
Dismount Squad Leader (A11) Carvalho, SGT  
Dismount RTO (A11) Allen, SPC  
Dismount (A11) Siebenthaler, PV2  
Dismount (A11) Ayuso, PV2  
Dismount (A11) Gabusi, PVT  
TC (A12) Kelly, SSG  
Gunner (A12) Calahan, PFC  
Driver (A12) McDaniel, PFC  
Dismount Team Leader (A12) Lee, SGT  
Dismount (A12) Cilwik, SPC  
Dismount (A12) Williams, SPC  
Dismount (A12) Hoyt, PVT  
Dismount (A12) Murrell, Robert PVT Changed last name to “Williams” after ETS
TC (A13) Mims, SSG  
Gunner (A13) Martinez, CPL  
Driver (A13) Anderson, PFC  
Dismount Team Leader (A13) Garza, SGT  
Dismount (A13) Ruiz, SPC  
Dismount (A13) Tobias, SPC  
Dismount (A13) Marreel, PFC  
Dismount (A13) Ramirez, PV2  
Dismount (A13) Littau, PVT  
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Williams, SFC held position during ground war
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Donahue, SFC Became PSG around late MAR ’91 – came from BDE or BN staff?
Gunner (A14) Rojas, SPC  
Driver (A14) Ross, SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (A14) Holder, Clifford SSG Joined unit several days prior to LD
Dismount (A14) Jones, SGT  
Dismount (A14) Corpuz, SPC  
Dismount (A14) Gallegos, PFC  
Dismount (A14) Johnson, PFC  
Dismount (A14) Tielking, PVT  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A21) Gendron, Jeffery 1LT  
Gunner (A21) Byrd, Darren SPC  
Driver (A21) Edwards, Charles PFC  
Dismount – RTO (A21) Olson, Kelly PFC  
Dismount – Team Leader (A21) Banks, Michael SGT  
Dismount – AR (A21) Guerrero-Marquez, Clever PFC  
Dismount – AR (A21) Gillis, Patrick PFC  
Dismount – Dragon (A21) Mercer, James PVT  
TC – Squad Leader (A22) Pizzarro-Rosario, Carlos SSG  
Gunner (A22) Roberson, Wilbur PFC  
Driver (A22) Harpest, Trent PV2  
Dismount – Squad Leader (A22) Crumbley, Arthur SSG  
Dismount – Team Leader (A22) Wichman, Timothy SGT Now out of the Army and in the Colorado Springs area.
Dismount – AR Dragon (A22) Garcia, Michael PV2  
Dismount – AR (A22) Houghton, Patrick PV2  
Dismount – Rifleman (A22) Pendergast, Jason PVT  
TC – Platoon Sergeant (A23) Kane, Michael SFC  
Gunner (A23) Hadden, Wilbert SPC  
Driver (A23) Jarvis, David PV2  
Dismount – Team Leader (A23) Birthisel, Jeffrey SGT  
Dismount – AR (A23) Empie, Paul SPC  
Dismount – AR (A23) Gould, Todd PFC  
Dismount – AR (A23) Lebofsky, Tom PV2  
Dismount – Rifleman (A23) Martinson, Sean SPC  
TC – Squad Leader (A24) Rodriquez-Ortiz, Hector SSG  
Gunner (A24) Bratten, Wyatt SPC  
Driver (A24) Rutch, David PFC  
Dismount – Squad Leader (A24) Swanier, Vernon SSG  
Dismount – Team Leader (A24) Wilhelm, David SPC  
Dismount – Dragon (A24) Erickson, Donn SPC  
Dismount (A24) Lackey, Michael PV2  
Dismount – Rifleman (A24) Ibarra, Francisco PVT  
Dismount – Rifleman (A24) Noriega, Paul PVT  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A31) Pinkela, Kenneth 1LT Active duty MAJ as of February 2003
Gunner (A31) Allen, Tommy SPC  
Driver (A31) Peterson, Brett SPC  
Dismount – Assist. Gnt (A31) Gwyn, Wayne SSG  
Dismount – RTO (A31) Allen, Frank PFC  
Dismount – AR (A31) Green, Michael SPC  
Dismount (A31) McFarland, Douglas SPC  
Dismount – Dragon (A31) Burton, Stephen SPC  
Dismount – AR (A31) Rivera, Miguel PFC  
TC (A32) Rios-Ramirez, Eversto SGT  
Gunner (A32) Medley, Steven PFC  
Driver (A32) Steinnetz, Donnie PV2  
Dismount – Team Leader (A32) Garrison, Joey SGT  
Dismount (A32) Northway, Del SPC Re-assigned, D/2-32 AR, April 1991
Dismount – AR (A32) Lang, Reginald PFC  
Dismount – AR (A32) Sims, Kenneth PV2  
Dismount – Rifleman (A32) McCoy, Darren PFC  
Dismount – Rifleman (A32) Harding, David PVT  
TC (A33) Stacks, David SSG  
Gunner (A33) Smoot, Richard PFC  
Driver (A33) King, Randall PFC  
Dismount – Squad Leader (A33) Williams, Ronald W. SSG 1SG at Ft. Lewis in JUL 99
Dismount – Team Leader (A33) Mulloy, Leonard SPC  
Dismount – Team Leader (A33) Duncan, Meridy SGT  
Dismount – AR (A33) Barns, Troy PV2 Barnes?
Dismount – AR (A33) Brown, Naeem PV2  
Dismount – Rifleman (A33) Carmoney, Ronald SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (A34) Shepperd, Willie SFC  
Gunner (A34) Dailey, William “Fatboy” SPC now commissioned officer
Driver (A34) Anderson, Clifford PFC  
Dismount – AR (A34) Benitez, Sanchez PVT Might have also been Assist. Gunner for M60?
Dismount – M203 (A34) Johnson, Michael PFC  
Dismount – rifleman (A34) Tuhy, Michael PFC Might also have had M60 machinegun?
Dismount – SAW or Dragon? (A34) Johnsen, Eric PFC Might have also been a dismount on A33?