Headquarters and Headquarters Company

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Davis, Marvin A. CPT  
Executive Officer Desjardin, James 1LT  
First Sergeant Gillett, Guy A. 1SG  
Supply Sergeant Edwards, David SGT  
Commo OIC    
Commo NCOIC Spain, Dennis SFC  
Commo Section Freeman, Donald SPC  

Mortar Platoon

Platoon Leader Hynds, Pat 1LT  
PL’s Driver Thayer, Scott SPC  
Platoon Sergeant Mack, (first name?) MSG Became 1SG A Company day after ground war ended
Platoon Sergeant’s driver (HQ49) Maples, Justin SPC  
Gunnery Sergeant    
Mortars – position unknown Rigsby, Calvin PFC  
Mortars – position unknown Oliver, Tom PFC  
Mortars – position unknown Powell, Daryl W. SGT  
Mortars – position unknown Dumont, Allan  
Mortars – position unknown Sauer, Jeff PFC  
Mortars – position unknown Brooks, Kelly SPC  
A Section Leader Keranan, Paul SSG  
A Section FDC Chief    
A Section FDC Crider, Leonard A. SGT  
A Section FDC Fernandez, Joe SPC  
A Section FDC    
Gun 1 Chief Lane, Robert SGT Transferred to 3/5 Mortar Platoon when they stayed in Kuwait while 5/5 went back to Germany
Gun 1 Sherman, Shawn PFC Driver, transfered to 3/5 Mortar Platoon when they stayed in Kuwait while 5/5 went back to Germany
Gun 1 Salinas, Patricio SGT Came from 8th ID, Position Unknown
Gun 1 Collins, Larry SPC  
Gun 1 Fernandez, Joe  
Gun 2 Chief Sayers, Mark CPL  
Gun 2 Sherry, Leonard SPC Driver, became gunner later
Gun 2 Ziemer, Michael SPC AG, later became driver
Gun 2 Jamison, David SPC Gunner, later moved to A Section FDC
Gun 2 Prestwood, Jason PFC Ammo Bearer, later moved to A Section FDC
Gun 3 Chief Nicholas, SGT  
Gun 3 Weinacht, Anthony SPC  
Gun 3 Gilmac, Michael SPC  
Gun 3 Tavarez, Abel PFC  
A Section – position/gun unknown Collins, Larry SPC  
B Section Leader Teater, Thomas A. SFC Later replaced MSG Mack as Platoon Sergeant when Mack transferred to A Company
B Section FDC Chief Salinas  
B Section FDC Check Powell  
B Section FDC M577 driver Holbrook, Charles SPC  
B Section FDC    
Gun 4 Chief    
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner Barkers, Tracy PFC  
Gun 4    
Gun 4    
Gun 5 Chief Sayers, Mark CPL  
Gun 5 Gunner Harbin, Stowe SPC  
Gun 5 Ammo Bearer Bartos, Douglas PFC  
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner Ziemer, Michael SPC Later became an Alpha Section driver
Gun 6 Chief Moore, J.C. SGT  
Gun 6 Gunner Brackett, Bill SPC  
Gun 6 Driver Hoke, Walter PFC  
Gun 6    
B Section – position/gun unknown Campbell, Peter SPC  
Section/position/gun unknown Woods, Barry SPC  

Scout Platoon

Platoon Leader (HQ51) Clark, Ron 1LT Injured/medevac’d on 23 FEB 91; returned early MAR 91
Platoon Leader (HQ51) Winters, Jeff 1LT Led platoon during ground offensive
Gunner (HQ51)    
Driver (H51)    
Observer (HQ51)    
Observer (HQ51)    
Observer (HQ51)    
Platoon Sergeant (HQ5?) Young, Richard B. SFC  
Gunner (HQ5?)    
Driver (HQ5?)    
Observer (HQ5?)    
Observer (HQ5?)    
Observer (HQ5?)    
Alpha Section Leader/Senior Scout Schwandt, Steven S. SSG  
Alpha Section Gunner Singh, Iqbal SPC  
Alpha Section Driver Baker, PFC  
Alpha Section Observer    
Alpha Section Observer    
Alpha Section Observer    
Alpha Wing Chief Vargas, Rolando SGT  
Alpha Wing Gunner    
Alpha Wing Driver Taylor, PFC  
Alpha Wing Observer    
Alpha Wing Observer    
Alpha Wing Observer    
Bravo Section Leader Jones, Eddie SSG  
Bravo Section Gunner    
Bravo Section Driver    
Bravo Section Observer    
Bravo Section Observer    
Bravo Section Observer    
Bravo Wing Chief Fulks, James G. SGT  
Bravo Wing Gunner Ledbury, CPL  
Bravo Wing Driver Route, SPC  
Bravo Wing Observer Dougherty, Jason PFC  
Bravo Wing Observer    
Bravo Wing Observer    

Support Platoon

Platoon Leader Wanovich, William 1LT  
Driver Wilhelmy, Ray (rank?) What position?
Driver Williams, David PFC  
Driver Furtado, Ernie (rank?) What position?
Driver Williams, Kenneth (rank?) What position?
Driver Larson, Kenneth (rank?) What position?
Driver Yant, Douglas (rank?) What position?
Driver Parker, (first name?) (rank?) What position?

 Medical Platoon

Platoon Leader Baine, Damon _LT  
Platoon Sergeant Kearney, Dennis SFC  
Treatment NCO Whetstone, Dwight SGT  
Evac. NCO Townsend, Douglas SSG  
Medic HHC Sprayberry, Stephen SSG  
Medic HHC Lede, Timothy SPC  
Medic HHC George, SPC  
Medic HHC Williams, Otis PFC  
Medic HHC Johnson, Cameron SGT  
Medic HHC    
Senior Medic A Co. Brummel, David A. SGT  
Driver Medic A Co.    
Medic A Co. Kuhn, Terrance L. SPC  
Medic A Co. Listerud, Brian PFC  
Medic A Co. Spurlock, Johnny D. (rank?)  
Senior Medic B Co. (HQ850)(M113) Boyd, Billy SGT  
Driver Medic B Co. (HQ850) Warren, Richard SPC  
Medic B Co. (B13) Phillips, Jerry SPC  
Medic B Co. (B23) Girard, Scott SPC  
Medic B Co. (B33) Hinks, Matthew, SPC  
Senior Medic C Co. Testerman, Brian SGT  
Driver Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Senior Medic D Co. Aberle, Curtis J. SGT Now (2004) commissioned Nurse Corps officer (Captain)
Driver Medic D Co. Matias, Noel SPC  
Medic D Co. Durant, SPC  
Medic D Co. Young, SPC  
Medic D Co. Donatini, Daniel SPC deceased – killed in car accident in MA in OCT 1991
Medic (A Co.)    

 Battalion Maintenance Section

BN Motor Sergeant Wright, James SFC  
BN Maintenance Technician Delaloye, CW3  
PLL NCOIC McCarroll, Marshall SGT  
PLL Clerk Dodds, Quinn B. SPC Had been PLL clerk for Echo Co.
HHC Motor Sergeant Shore, Donald, SFC Redeployed in Feb. before moving into Iraq. Replaced by SSG Kroontje
HHC Motor Sergeant Kroontje, Bryan SSG Now (2009) CSM Kroontje, 18th CSSB
A Co. Maintenance Sergeant    
Tool Clerk Hejl, Russell SPC  
Wheel Mechanic  Williams, SGT  
HHC Track Mechanic Ofisa, Ali SGT  
Turret Mechanic MacAlister, PFC  
A Co. Maintenance Section Weber, Mark SGT  
A Co. Maintenance Section    
A Co. PLL Clerk Reppert, PFC  
B Co. Maintenance Team Chief (HQ953) (5 Ton) Spears, James SFC  
B Co. TAMMS Clerk/Driver (HQ953) Mann, Quintin PV2  
B Co. Recovery Sergeant (HQ950) (M88) Rush, Stephen SGT  
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ950) Threet, Kenneth SPC  
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ950) Prettenhoffer, James PFC  
B Co. BFV Turret Mechanic (HQ951) (M113) Shinlaub, Edward SGT  
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ951) Young Paul PFC  
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ952) (5 Ton) Hullette, Marvin SSG  
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ952) Tewell, Philip SPC  
B Co. BFV Turret Mechanic (HQ954) (5 Ton) Powell, David SPC  
B Co. BFV Turret Mechanic (HQ954) McAlister, Johnny PFC  
B Co. PLL Clerk Lacosta, Manuel SPC  
C Co. Maintenance Sergeant Kahler, Kurt SFC  
C Co. Systems Mechanic Wright, Danny SSG  
C Co. Maintenance Section Wright, SSG  
C Co. Maintenance Section Leader Helman, SGT  
C Co. PLL Clerk Boyette, Anthony SPC  
D Co. Motor Sergeant Lowether, SSG  
D Co. Maintenance Section Leader    
D Co. Maintenance Section Shupp, Brian SPC  
D Co. Maintenance Section Bisbee, Scott SPC  
D Co. Maintenance Section McKensie, SGT  
D Co. Maintenance – Turret Mechanic Cauthon, SPC  
D Co. Maintenance – Turret Mechanic Peters, PFC  
D Co. Maintenance – M88 TC Karns, SGT  
D Co. Maintenance – M88 Driver Shuryn, PFC  
D Co. PLL Clerk  Walker, Brent J.  
D Co. Maintenance from 4/32 AR LaMountain, SSG   SSG LaMountain passed away on active duty at Ft. Hood in the ’90’s as a SFC.

 Security Platoon

Formed with personnel from inactivated Company E (ITV) and M113’s for BN Trains security.

Platoon Leader None  
Platoon Sergeant Ward, SSG  
  Carver, SGT  
  Barnett, SPC  
  Buras, Ty SPC  
  Poltkin, SPC  
  Davis, PFC