Bravo Company 'Bushwackers' (TF 3-5 CAV)

Bravo Company "Bushwackers" (TF 3-5 CAV)

Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (B66) Culp, David M. CPT  
CDR's Gunner (B66) Hafford, Scott SSG Company Master Gunner
CDR's Driver (B66) Frederick, SPC  
CDR's Sniper/Dismount (B66) Clements, John CPL  
CDR's HMMVW Driver Bowman, SPC  
CDR's HMMVW Driver Anderson, PV2  
Executive Officer (B65) Hodges, Horace Charles "Chuck" 1LT B65 was an older model M2 BFV received 3 days prior to the start of the ground offensive.  They apparently came from stocks left over from 1ID when that division received the M2A2 BFV.
Gunner (B65) Wardlow, SGT  
Driver (B65) Monteverde, Marco PFC  
Dismount (B65)    
First Sergeant Pinkerton, Donald 1SG Left in May 1991 to SGM Academy
First Sergeant Graham, Bobby 1SG Became 1SG in May 1991
1SG's Driver Sueymoto, PFC  
HQ's Platoon Sergeant/TC of 5-Ton Taylor, "Gunny Highway" SFC  
5-Ton Driver Smith, Tommy PFC  
Supply Sergeant Fort, Ronnie SGT  
Supply Section Driver Elsenpeter, Donnie SPC Became BN Cdr's driver circa early FEB 91
Commo Sergeant Velasguez, SSG  
NBC NCO Alexander, SGT  
Armorer Janus, PV2  

B/3-5 CAV – Positions Unknown

Unknown Dunham, L. PFC  
Unknown Keslar, Daniel E. PVT  
Unknown Halle, A. PV2  
Unknown (3/B?) Haller, PVT Maybe same soldier as the "PVT Halle" above
Unknown Shele, A. PVT  
Dismount SAW – Plt unknown Serna, Jesse T. PFC  
Unknown Desmond, Keith A. SGT  
Unknown Davis, Ernest PV2  
Unknown (3/B?) Elizondo, Pablo PFC  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B11) Goehler, Todd 2LT  
Gunner (B11) Kastrup, Lonnie SGT  
Driver (B11) Mercado, PFC  
Dismount Team Leader (B11) Woods, Kenneth SGT  
Dismount (B11) RTO Stewart, Derrick PFC Served on Advance Party
Dismount (B11)    
TC (B12) Squires, SSG  
Gunner (B12)    
Driver (B12)    
Dismount Squad Leader (B12) Moore, SSG  
Dismount Team Leader (B12) Craig, Robert SGT  
TC (B13) Earthman, SSG  
Gunner (B13) Tolberson, PFC  
Driver (B13) Allanis, PFC
McCullar, Billy
Dismount Squad Leader (B13) Yslas, Stephan SSG  
Dismount Team Leader (B13) Hardin, William SGT  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B13) House, Charles SPC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B13) Figueroa, PVT  
Dismount Rifleman (B13) Drake, Lawrence PVT ARCOM orders list his first name as being "Travide"
Platoon Sergeant (B14) Ballard, Nick "Bubba" SFC  
Gunner (B14) Whalley, Frank SPC  
Driver (B14)    
Dismount SAW Gunner (B14) Taylor, Lawrence PFC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B14) Moran, Julio PFC  
Dismount (B14)    
1st Platoon, rank/position unknown Guerra, Justo  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B21) Schroter, Gerhard 1LT  
Gunner (B21) Welcome, Stephen SGT  
Driver (B21) Fisher, Shawn SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (B21) Jerome, Gary SSG  
Dismount RTO/Rifleman (B21) Murray, Gregory S. SPC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B21) Granas, Kevin W. SPC  
Dismount Rifleman (B21) McKenny, R. PVT  
TC (B22) Cormier, Alfred SSG  
Gunner (B22) Washington, Larry SPC  
Driver (B22) Robinson, Orlando L. SPC  
Dismount (B22)    
Dismount Rifleman (B22) Kelly, James PFC  
Dismount (B22) Violette, Johnny E. PVT  
TC (B23) Duquette, Timothy SSG  
Gunner (B23) Toohey, Richard SGT  
Driver (B23) Rincon, Reymundo SPC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B23) Gmitter, James J. PFC  
Dismount Rifleman (B23) Torres, Jesus J. SPC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B23) Lentz, L. PVT  
Platoon Sergeant (B24) Riek, David F. SFC  
Gunner (B24) Kozbial, Christopher SGT  
Driver (B24)    
Dismount Squad Leader (B24) Craig, Robert SGT  
Dismount Team Leader  (B24) Rinehart, Todd PFC  
Dismount Rifleman (B24)    
Dismount SAW Gunner (B24) Longley, T. PVT  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B31) Griffith, Joseph 2LT  
Gunner (B31) Engelhardt, Todd SGT  
Driver (B31) Byrd, James B. SPC  
Dismount Team Leader (B31) Evans, Clyde M. SGT  
Dismount Rifleman (B31) Kelly, Benjamin PFC  
Ammo Loader (B31) Finnell, Donald K. SPC  
TC (B32) Silva, Herbert SSG  
Gunner (B32) Trevino, Ruben SPC  
Driver (B32) Schocke, Brian PFC  
Dismount (B32) Sanchez, Samuel A. PVT  
Dismount  Squad Leader (B32) Secrest, David L. SSG Augmentee from A/4/502 IN (Berlin BDE)
Dismount Team Leader (B32) Lynch, John R. SGT  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B32) Brown, David PFC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B32) Cosgrove, Peter H. SPC  
Dismount M60 Gunner (B32) Chestnut, Matthew R. PFC  
TC (B33) Pointer, Bradley SSG  
Gunner (B33) Cotez, Enrique SPC  
Driver (B33) Church, Victor SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (B33) Edwards, SFC Augmentee from B/5/502 IN (Berlin BDE)
Dismount Team Leader (B33) Grady, Robert R. SGT  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B33) Beltran, Ezekiel SPC  
Dismount (B33)    
Platoon Sergeant/TC (B34) Smith, Gerald SFC  
Gunner (B34) Danzeiser, Eric E. SPC  
Driver (B34) Hanks, Robert L. PFC  
Dismount Team Leader (B34) Hyrne, Carl E. SGT  
Dismount Rifleman (B34) Donovan, Chad SPC  
Dismount Rifleman (B34) Inniss, Ricardo R. PVT  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B34) Smith, Robert H. PFC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B34) Silver, Joseph A. PV2  
Dismount SAW Gunner – vehicle unknown – 3/B Donovan, Grahm D. SPC same team as SGT Grady