Charlie Company (task organized, TF 3-5 CAV)

Charlie Company (task organized, TF 3-5 CAV)

Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (C66) Turner, Richard A. "Tony" CPT Received Silver Star
CDR's Gunner Kendall, Dave SSG  also Co. Master Gunner
CDR's Driver Verdilli, "Nick" SPC  
CDR's RTO Payne, (first name?) PFC


Dupree, PFC

We've had two different people tell us this guy was two one of two different guys.  Anyone out there know for sure who is in that photo at the top of this page?



CDR's HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer Case, Jeff 1LT Died of self-inflicted gunshot wound after returning to Germany
XO's Gunner (C65) Morgenstern, SPC  
First Sergeant Heward, Tom 1SG  
1SG's HMMWV Driver Brown, Earl SPC  
1SG's Track (M113?) (B69) Driver Smith, Scott SPC Originally assigned to E/3-5 CAV
Supply Sergeant Marion, SSG  
Armorer (C65) Denes, Daniel "Dano" SPC Also dismount for C65
Commo Sergeant Combs, SGT Was he the commo SGT, or did he have a different position?
Commo Sergeant Baker, SSG Might not have been commo sergeant?  What was his position?
NBC NCO Savage, Frank SGT  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C11) Ammons, Mike 1LT  
Gunner (C11 Zelesnikar, Leslie SGT "Sergeant Z"
Driver (C11) Rutan, Clayton SPC  
TC (C12) Powers, Hugh SSG Also served as the Co. Master Gunner
Gunner (C12) Sarmiento, SGT Promoted from SPC to SGT while deployed; also served as Co. NEO NCO
Driver (C12) Johnson, Curtis SPC  
TC (C13) Walker, SSG  
Gunner (C13) Vail, Tony SPC  
Driver (C13) Worek, Chris SPC Is name spelling correct?
Platoon Sergeant (C14) Stephens, SFC  
Gunner (C14) Medina, Tony SPC  
Driver (C14)    
1/C Dismount Squad Leader (C11) Benn, Aubrey, SSG  
1/C Dismount RTO (C11) Jonker, Bo PFC  
1/C Dismount (C11) Peacock, Jay SPC  
1/C Dismount (C11) Daniels, SGT  
1/C Dismount Squad Leader (C12) Benn, Aubrey SSG  
1/C Dismount (C12) Hill, Tony SPC  
1/C Dismount (C12) Albright, SPC  
1/C Dismount Squad Leader (C13) Hammierl, SGT  
1/C Dismount (C13) Hansen, Stan "Stan the Man" PFC  
1/C Dismount (C13) Hunter, James SPC  
1/C Dismount (C13) Reed, Tony SPC  
1/C Dismount (C13) Kroker, PFC  
1/C Dismount Squad Leader (C14) Hall, Jamie SSG  
1/C Dismount (C14) Slabach, Cletus R. SGT  
1/C Dismount (C14) Johnson, SPC  
1/C Dismount (C14) Metaxas, Sean SPC  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C21) Hinrichs, John _LT  
Gunner (C21) Johnson, Frank SGT  
Driver (C21) Earls, Bobby PFC  
Dismount Squad Leader (C21) Waugh, (first name?) SGT  
Dismount Team Leader (C21) Bennett, Rodger SPC  
DIsmount Team Leader (C21) Brown, SPC Took position after ceasefire
Dismount (C21) Beckner, Todd "Beck"
TC (C22) Nash, SGT  
Gunner (C22) Gallegos, SPC  
Driver (C22) Espinoza, Edwardo PFC  
Dismount Team Leader (C22) Williams, (first name?) SGT  
Dismount (position?) (C22) Aderholt, (first name?) SPC  
TC (C23) Simpson, SSG  
Gunner (C23) Weitman, SGT  
Driver (C23) Steinmetz, SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (C23) Phillips, (first name?) SGT  
Dismount Team Leader (C23) Giddens, (first name?) SGT  
Dismount (position?) (C23) Dekrone, Stephen F. SPC  
Dismount (position?) (C23) Simons, (first name?) SPC  
Dismount (position?) (C23) Hubert, (first name?) PFC  
Platoon Sergeant (C24) Hornickle, SFC  
Gunner (C24) Wolcott, SPC  
Driver (C24) Smith, R.J. "Smitty" PFC  
Dismount M203 – track unknown Quintero, Leandro PFC SSG(P) as of 2003
Dismount – track/position unknown Johnson, (first name?) SPC  
Dismount – track/position unknown Ani, (first name?) SPC  
Dismount – track/position unknown Chatwood, (first name?) PFC  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C31) Oeschger, Carl _LT  
Gunner (C31) Carlton, Jim CPL  
Driver (C31) Giron, Jerimiah SPC  
Dismount (C31)    
TC (C32) Riley, SSG  
Gunner (C32) Garrett, David SPC  
Driver (C32) Moore, Alfred L. SPC  
Dismount (C32)    
TC (C33) Schaefer, Thomas SSG  
Gunner (C33) Bolduc, Sean SGT  
Driver (C33) Corbet, Brian SPC  
Dismount (C33) Smith, Craig SPC  
Dismount Team Leader (C33) Yost, CPL  
Dismounts (C33) Tripplett, SPC  
Dismounts (C33) Steagle, PFC  
Platoon Sergeant/TC (C34) Hostetler, Jim SFC  
Gunner (C34) Calvin, SGT  
Driver (C34) Mountain, SPC  
Dismount (C34) Bullock, Arthur SSG Retired as a 1SG

C/3-5 CAV – Positions/Platoons Unknown

  Dupree (first name?/rank?)  
  Jay (first name?/rank?)