SGT Elvis Presley

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Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley
1st Battalion, 32d Armor Regiment, 3d Armored Division
Ray Barracks, Friedberg, Germany

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Elvis A. Presley – known around the world as the "King of Rock and Roll",  Elvis Presley was drafted and served in the HQ Co.1st Medium Tank Battalion, 32d Armored Regiment from 24 March1958 to 5 March 1960.  His Army serial number was US 53310761. He earned a sharpshooter badge for the .45 pistol and M1 rifle and a marksman badge for the M2 carbine. He received a Good Conduct Medal and a 3d Armored Division Certificate of Achievement (for faithful and efficient performance of duty). He was twenty-three years old when he was drafted as a recruit and age twenty-five when he left as a sergeant E-5.

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This Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Sgt. Elvis Presley on the 24th Day of February 1960.

Thoughts on Sergeant Presley from his Platoon Leader

    "I simply cannot forget that Elvis chose to serve in a combat unit. If others want to argue that he did so because his agent, Colonel Tom parker, thought it would be good for public relations’ purposes, that’s their opinion. But I don’t believe it. Aside from the fact that our battalion could have gone to war with the Soviets at any time, there are real risks every single day in a combat unit.  …[Elvis] pulled his weight. He used his head and did his job well. He was one of us. He cared about us. And he got back the respect and friendship he gave
everyone else. In several instances, I saw sparks of leadership in Elvis that made me think he could have induced men to follow him into combat, just as his music caused millions of young people to follow him."

William J. Taylor, Jr., PhD, Colonel USA Retired

Author, Elvis In The Army, Available at most large bookstores, or by mail order from Presidio Press,
P.O. Box 1764, Novato, CA 94948-1764.

Comments of notable others on the book Elvis In The Army:

"An army is made up of soldiers, all kinds of soldiers, some are famous, some are not so famous. "Elvis in the Army" is a first-hand story about one of those soldiers, Elvis Aaron Presley, who served his country well. A good
read!"–Edward C. Meyer, General USA (Ret.), former Chief of Staff,
U.S. Army 

"Reading about Elvis Presley’s service with the United States Army, one has to realize what a remarkable young man he was. A well-told account of an important segment of the life of an American music legend. –Hal Durham, President, Grand Ole Opry.