3-12 Cavalry Troop Commanders

Troop Commanders


Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks

Headquarters and Headquarters Troop (HHC)

CPT Stan Christian 1969-1971  
CPT Jim McGourin 1971-1972  
CPT Post 1972  
CPT James Johnson 1973-1974  
CPT Carrol Crabb 1974-1976  
CPT Dan Cleary 1976-1978  
CPT Norm Fanning 1978-198?  
CPT Charles Martin 1984-1986  
CPT Mark Robinson 1986-1988  

Alpha Troop

CPT Gary Kotrus 1969-1971  
CPT Fred Montgomery 1975-1977  
CPT Lou Herrick    
CPT Jeff Holmes 1977-1978  
CPT Sean McFarland 1986-1988  

Bravo Troop

1LT Lowery E Stripling Jr 1966-1967  
CPT Arthur L. West 1967-1968  
CPT Richard L. McGlothlin 1977-1979  
CPT Charles W. Henley 1979-1980  
CPT Albert "Al" Bailey 1980-1982  
CPT Joseph "Joe" Barto 1982-  
CPT John Carrano 1986-1988  
CPT Robert Williams 1988-  
Charlie Troop
1LT Robert Kane 1967-1968  
1LT Montgomery Meigs III 1968-1970  
CPT Al Bardayan 1970-1971  
CPT Donald Cake ??? – 1977  
CPT Robert Spidel 1977-1979  
CPT Lee Byrom 1979-  
CPT Stephen Daffron 1981-1982  
CPT Ernie Jenkins 1986-1987  
CPT Russ Cloy 1987-1988  
Delta Troop
Maj William P. Stubbs 1973-1974 Thanks to Trooper Murphy for the info
CPT Patrick R. Hirsch 1974-1975  
CPT Albert J. Ferrea 1975-