Bravo Company “Bushmaster” (task organized, 1 tank & 2 BFV platoons; TF 5-5 CAV)

Bravo Company “Bushmaster” (task organized, 1 tank & 2 BFV platoons; TF 5-5 CAV)
(Returned back to Germany on 17 May 1991)

Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (B66) George, Keith A. CPT  
CDR’s Gunner (B66) Myers, David SGT  
CDR’s Driver (B66) Carey, Bryan SPC  
CDR’s RTO (B66) Fisher, Michael PFC  
Sniper (B66) Phifer, Floyd SPC  
CDR’s HMMVW Driver Battaglia, Clint PFC  
Executive Officer (B65) (old M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle variant) Chrismer, David P. “Dave” 1LT The XO’s M3 was an early variant (Not an A1 or A2) that could not fire the TOWII.  The vehicle came from 1st CAV Div.  The XO would normally have an M113.  Note that an XO in an infantry battalion would normally have an M113A3.  As an exception , RFCT Co. XO’s were generally given older M2 BFV’s instead.   Dave Chrismer was a further exception in that he had a M3 CFV.
XO’s Gunner (B65) Smith, Gregory SGT  
XO’s Assistant Gunner (B65) Santiago, Josue PFC  
XO’s Driver (B65) Schmitz, Donald PFC  
M-60 gunner (B65) Sharmen, Randall CPL Actually OPCON’d to either 2d or 3d platoon.  (which?)
M-60 gunner (B65) Cecil, George PFC Actually OPCON’d to either 2d or 3d platoon. (which?)
Commo Chief (B65) Applequist, Michael SFC  
Fire Support Officer Hutchinson, Eric “Hutch” 1LT See 2-3 FA roster for full FIST team
First Sergeant (rode in B6) Hancock, Jack E. 1SG  
Supply Sergeant (B5) (5 Ton) Griffin, Jeffery SGT  
Armorer/Driver (B5) Jones, Jeffery SGT  
NBC NCO (B4) (5 Ton) Stolicki, Floyd SGT  
Driver (B4) Erwin, Eric PVT  
Position Unknown (B8) (2-dr HMMWV) (w/Supply Section) Hamler, Maurice SSG  
Driver (B8) Thompson, Joshua PVT  
Driver (Ammo) (B3) (5 Ton) Jones, Tony SGT  

1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B11) Mervyn, Jason 2LT  
Gunner (B11) Curry, Martin SGT  
Driver (B11) DiCaprio, Marc PFC  
Assistant Gunner (B11) Nix, Dexter PVT  
Dismount A Team Leader (B11) Sanderlin, Nelson SGT  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B11) Burns, Richard PFC  
Dismount (SAW) (B11) Dunston, Tyrone PFC  
Dismount (SAW) (B11) Guerin, Marlon PFC  
BC/Platoon Master Gunner (B12) Bradley, Harold SSG Also Company Master Gunner
Gunner (B12) Hamm, Jonce PFC  
Driver (B12) Cooper, Robert PV2  
Squad Leader (B12) Dunaway, Rodney SSG  
Dismount B Team Leader Gainer, Michael SGT  
Dismount (SAW) (B12) Garza-Gonzalez, Alejandro SPC  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B12) Morris, Marcus SPC  
Dismount (Grenadier) (B12) Schaefer, Leo PV2  
BC (B13) – track name “Bad Boyz” Cheatham, Jimmy SSG  
Gunner (B13) Sabala, Jon SGT  
Driver (B13) Barton, Donald SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (B13) Jesus, Peter SFC Came from tasking at Butzbach Range just prior to deployment.
Dismount A Team Leader (B13) Tribble, Broderick CPL  
Dismount (SAW) (B13) Cruz, Edward PFC  
Dismount (SAW) (B13) Sweet, Michael PFC  
Dismount (Rifleman) (B13) Kenner, Dennis PVT  
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B14) Young, Fred SFC  
Gunner (B14) Coldiron, Scott PFC  
Driver (B14) Fine, Stephen PFC  
Dismount B Team Leader (B14) Fritz, Michael CPL  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B14) Dwyer, Scott PFC  
Dismount (Grenadier) (B14) Williams, Michael PVT  
Dismount (SAW) (B14) Clay, Jesse PFC  
Forward Observer (B14) Boatright, Lewis SGT From FIST, 2-3 FA

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B21)  Anderson, Robert 1LT  
Gunner (B21) Badgett, Rosevelt SGT  
Driver (B21) Heywood, Glenn “Mack” Jr. PFC Early arrival in theater (13 DEC 90) to offload equipment
Assistant Gunner (B21) Ford, Carl CPL  
Dismount A Team Leader (B21) Sell, Donald CPL  
RTO (B21) McEachern, Christopher PFC  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B21) Angel, Vale PFC  
Dismount (SAW) (B21) Ryder, Dennis PV2  
BC/Platoon Master Gunner (B22) Hook, Johnny SSG  
Gunner (B22) Johnson, Vernon SPC  
Driver (B22) Ramos, Anthony PFC  
Dismount Squad Leader (B22) Malone, Gerald SSG  
Dismount B Team Leader (B22) Zable, Charles SPC  
Dismount (SAW) (B22) Bathright, John PV2  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B22) Graves, Joel PFC  
Dismount (Grenadier) (B22) Wisner, Dennis SPC Early arrival in theater (13 DEC 90) to offload equipment
BC (B23) Moore, Michael SSG  
Gunner (B23) Tibbetts, Gary SGT  
Driver (B23) Middelton, Brian SPC Early arrival in theater (13 DEC 90) to offload equipment
Dismount Squad Leader (B23) Johnson, Henry SGT  
Dismount A Team Leader (B23) Matthews, Thomas CPL  
Dismount (Rifleman) (B23) Moss, Saluador PVT  
Dismount (SAW) (B23) Coleman, Brian PFC  
Dismount (SAW) (B23) Gilmore, Michael PV2  
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B24) Moyser, David  
Gunner (B24) Miller, J.D. SGT  
Driver (B24) Chaffino, Daniel PFC  
Dismount B Team Leader (B24) Backhaus, Bradley CPL  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B24) Abbt, Jeffery PFC  
Dismount (Grenadier) (B24) Brazee, James PFC  
Dismount (SAW) (B24) Johnson, John PFC Early arrival in theater (13 DEC 90) to offload equipment
Forward Observer (B24) Paris, Paul SPC from FIST, 2-3 FA

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B31) Lindgren, Matthew 2LT  
Gunner (B31) Gooding, Kelven SPC  
Driver (B31) Chriswell, Michael SPC  
Dismount A Team Leader (B31) Holliday, Hershel SGT  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B31) Ely, Warren PV2  
Dismount (SAW) (B31) Menjivar, Enrique PFC  
Dismount (SAW) (B31) Tate, Winston PFC  
RTO (B31) Thiels, Andre SPC  
BC (B32) Jones, Dwayne SSG  
Gunner (B32) Bardwell, Stephen SPC  
Driver (B32) Young, David PFC  
Dismount Squad Leader (B32) Vallellenez, Rodriquez SSG  
Dismount B Team Leader (B32) Dohm, Bradley CPL  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B32) Reynolds, Frank PV2  
Dismount (Grenadier) (B32) Vitale, Slavens PV2  
Dismount (SAW) (B32) Ascencio, Juan PFC  
BC (B33) Little, Kenneth SGT  
Gunner (B33) Blaut, Henry SPC  
Driver (B33) Badichan, Srodhananda PFC  
Dismount Squad Leader (B33) Baumgartner, Michael SSG  
Dismount A Team Leader (B33) Patrick, William SGT  
Dismount (Rifleman) (B33) Barrett, Robert SPC  
Dismount (SAW) (B33) Noel, Larry PFC  
Dismount (SAW) (B33) Abernathy, Kenneth PFC  
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B34) Salazar, Roy SFC  
Gunner (B34) Perkins, Marcus SPC  
Driver (B34) Jones, Christopher PFC  
Dismount B Team Leader (B34) Burchett, John SGT  
Dismount (SAW) (B34) Cano, Francisco PFC  
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B34) Jones, Vincent PFC  
Dismount (Grenadier) (B34) Lee, Jung PVT  
Forward Observer (B34) Hines, Keith SPC from FIST 2-3 FA