Alpha Company (pure, TF 4-32 AR)

Alpha Company (pure, TF 4-32 AR)

Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (A66)  Lemay, Gerald “Gerry” CPT  
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner Johnson, SGT  
CDR’s M1A1 Driver Perry, CPL  
CDR’s M1A1 Loader Brundage, Jeffrey S. PFC  
CDR’s HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer (A65) Herting, (Dieter?) Peter “Pete” 1LT  
XO’s M1A1 Gunner Strader, SGT  
XO’s M1A1 Driver Zachry, Brandon PFC (as of OCT 98 2LT at 1-16 IN, Ft. Riley)
XO’s M1A1 Loader Boone, Derrick PFC (as of OCT 98 @ 4-37AR, Ft. Riley)
First Sergeant Bell, 1SG  
1SG’s Driver    
Supply Sergeant    
Commo Sergeant    
Maintenance Sergeant    
Maintenance Section    
Maintenance Section    
Unknown Sarantakes, Andrew T.  
Medic (also listed under HHC) Dawson, Brad SGT (see photo link under position)

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A11)  Zemp, Capers “Cape” 2LT  
Platoon Sergeant (A14)  Cruz, SFC  
Gunner (A14)    
Driver (A14)    
Loader (A14)    

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A21) Reynolds, Robert A. “Bob” 2LT Tank name:  “Frankentank”
Gunner (A21) Weatherby, Jonathan SGT early return due to burns received in accident; medical discharge in 1995 due to these injuries
Driver (A21) Damewood, Timothy PFC  
Loader (A21) Deason, Terry PFC injured in accident on first day in TAA
Loader (A21) Henson, PV2  
TC (A22) Battle, Donald L. SSG Tank name:  “AT&T – Reach out and Touch Someone”
Gunner (A22) Ware, Alvin K. CPL  
Driver (A22) Cody, PV2  
Loader (A22) McGill, Travis SPC  
TC (A23) Rivera, SSG Tank name:  “Ace of Spades”
Gunner (A23) Cofsky, Richard P. SGT  
Driver (A23) Hardee, PV2  
Loader (A23) Smith, PFC  
Platoon Sergeant (A24) Roman, Carlos SFC Tank name:  “Alf goes to the Desert”
Gunner (A24) Smart, Lonniel SGT  
Driver (A24) Burnett, Bill SPC  
Loader (A24) Croslin, Steven PFC  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A31) Williams, Kevin 1LT  
Gunner (A31)    
Loader (A31)    
Driver (A31)    
TC (A32)    
Gunner (A32)    
Loader (A32)    
Driver (A32)    
TC (A33)    
Gunner (A33)    
Loader (A33)    
Driver (A33)    
Platoon Sergeant/TC (A34)    
Gunner (A34)    
Loader (A34)    
Driver (A34)